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Tribute to Judy Branham Penned by Margaret Nay

Upon the passing of Judy Branham, one of Utah's leaders in women's golf, one of her many friends, Margaret Nay, penned the following tribute.

When you hear the words: Friend, Leader, Sportsmanship, Integrity and Strength, they exemplify the characteristics of a woman who dedicated herself for over 45 years to the game of golf and to those who play it. Judy was a true “leader” – A true leader that had the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make a difference, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. Judy did not set out to be a leader, but became one by the quality of her actions. Judy received the Jeannie Goddard Award in 2006 because of her outstanding contributions to women’s golf in Utah and to the USWGA. She was President of the USWGA from 1968 – 1972 and again, in 1974. She held many positions on the USWGA board: vice president, Senior Amateur Chair, Team Captain. It was an honor to have Judy on any board because of her dedication and knowledge of the game. Judy helped women’s golf expand throughout the state: helping the ladies club associations get established and starting and putting on tournaments. By her fourth year as President, the USWGA grew from 300 to almost 1000 members. Women’s golf was here to stay, with an organization that was to be recognized.

Judy was one of the original founding members of the Mountain Dell Ladies Golf Association. She was also president of that association as well as holding many other positions over the last 45 years at Mountain Dell. She has been and will continue to be an inspiration to women golfers at Mountain Dell and throughout the state of Utah. Judy was a 25 handicapper at the age of 82 and she volunteered her time, even thou she wasn’t able to play golf anymore. She still supported whatever was going on at Mountain Dell and would go to their annual luncheons. In 2006 Judy was on the History Committee for the 100th Utah State Women’s Amateur, spending countless hours doing research. A project that was very close to her heart. It was her passion to build on an organization that would make all handicaps proud to be a part of. Judy accomplished her objectives.

Judy was a woman that had love and respect for the game, the compassion to listen to the needs of others, by the quality of her actions and the integrity of her goals. She believed in team work – the ability to work together towards a common vision, but most of all an inspiration to others.

We will miss you Judy – what an amazing women!