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Jeremy Bates, UGA Director of IT & Member Services Career Change

Jeremy Bates, Director of IT and Member Services at the Utah Golf Association over the past five years, has accepted a position at the University of Utah as an IT Manager and will be leaving the UGA at the end of the week.
“Jeremy has carried a big responsibility for the UGA and has done a wonderful job in keeping our handicap system functioning smoothly through a major period of transition,” said UGA Executive Director Bill Walker. “We wish him well in his new position,” he added.
He was hired in the spring of 2009 by then Executive Director Thomas Pagel. Later that same year the UGA made the major announcement that it would be switching handicap vendors from EZ Links to Golf Handicap Index Number (GHIN); a huge undertaking.  The UGA owns the handicap computers at all 120 Utah golf courses and the change of vendor required updating each of those computers.  This meant physically visiting every course to make the necessary updates.  Jeremy also helped conduct regional seminars to train everyone who had local responsibility for the handicap system. It was a major transition in handicap services and under his direction the process went smoothly with few hiccups.
Jeremy’s responsibilities at the UGA included maintaining the handicapping system, but another aspect of his title and responsibilities that was very near and dear to his heart was adding benefit to the UGA membership. Jeremy was constantly brainstorming and presenting new ideas to bring more value and quality to the purchase of a UGA membership beyond handicap tracking.
“The vast majority of golfers in the state aren’t tournament players, so adding additional value to the membership for all Utah golfers was paramount to my professional goals”, Jeremy states.  As such, he spear-headed UGA night at Salt Lake Bees games, and also fostered a continuing partnership with Real Salt Lake. He beefed up the benefits that are included on the UGA member card including more discounted rounds, and more range balls.
He also helped launch two new programs, the UGA Member Day and the UGA Gold Membership. The Member Day program provided UGA members with an opportunity of playing a round of golf at several private clubs such as Park Meadows CC, Riverside CC, Promontory Club, and Alpine CC. The program has given many UGA members a chance to cross some high-profile courses off their golf ‘bucket list.’
The UGA Gold Membership provided a special pricing benefit for UGA members at Utah-based golf retailers and helped buoy business for the golf industry.
“My concern has always been providing excellent service and terrific benefits to the thousands of Utah golfers I serve”, said Bates.
The work load at the UGA has kept him very busy.
“I’ve enjoyed working with the members, staff, and board of directors while at the UGA, but I’m also looking forward to new challenges and opportunities, and hopefully a chance to play a little more golf” Bates said, adding with a chuckle, “It is somewhat known within the golf administration industry that you watch more golf than actually play”.
Jeremy is 43 years old, grew up in Provo and graduated from Timpview High School in 1989. He attended Utah Valley University where he studied architecture and culinary arts and he still loves to cook. He served an LDS mission in Ventura, California. He learned to play and love golf at Hobble Creek, the old Timpanogos course, and the old Cascade Fairways. He and his wife Heidi have four children, Megan, Canyon, Tristan, and Andrew.
The Utah Golf Association will have more information regarding filling this open staff position on the following page:  CLICK HERE