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Utah Grabs One Point Shootout Lead Going Into Individual Matches

Utah holds a slim one-point lead at intermission of the Utah-Arizona Shootout being played at Torreon Golf Club in Arizona. Arizona won the morning Foursomes by one point, but Utah won the afternoon Four Ball segment by two points, 10-8, and thus leads, 18 1/2 to 17 1/2, going into Tuesday’s Individual matches.
It could all come down to the final individual match that pits Utah’s Dan Horner against Arizona’s Adam Walicki.
Utah holds a 12-10-1 lead over Arizona in the 24-year old competition and has won or tied the last four competitions. Arizona is desperately wanting to end that Utah victory skein.
Utah’s women’s duo of Kelsey Chugg and Sadie Palmer won all three points in the four-ball segment and halved the Foursomes, but Utah’s senior duo, Bill Probst and Pat Murphy, trail Arizona’s seniors by two points.
Arizona’s Grant Cesarak and Adam Walicki won all three points against Utah’s Jon Wright and Christian Jensen in the Four-Ball, but Utah’s David Jennings and Dan Horner offset that by winning three points in the Foursomes.
Four-Ball Results (morning)
Arizona 9 ½, Utah 8 1/2
Sadie Palmer-Kelsey Chugg, Utah def. Kim Eaton-Kelly Loeb, A, 3-0 (3 and 2)
Lee Decof-Tom Sweigart, A, def. Bill Probst-Pat Murphy, U, 2 ½-1/2 (5 and 4)
At Large
Grant Cesarak-Adam Walicki, A, def. Jon Wright-Christian Jensen, U, 3-0 (5 and 4)
Jason Hargett-Darrin Overson, U, def. Trey Martin-Sean O’Donnell, A, 2-1 (2 and 1)
Dan Horner-Jeff Jolley, U, def. Greg Cesarak-Pat Geare, A, 2 ½-1/2 (4 and 3)
Matt Adcock-Mark Apps, A, def. David Jennings-Keiley, U, 2 ½- 1/2 (2-up)
Foursome Results (afternoon)
Utah 10, Arizona 8
Sadie Palmer-Kelsey Chugg, U, halved Kim Eaton-Kelly Loeb, A
Lee Decof-Tom Sweigart, A, halved Bill Probst-Pat Murphy, U
At Large
Jon Wright-Darrin Overson, U, def. Adam Walicki-Sean O’Donnell, A, 2-1 (2 and 1)
Grant Cesarak-Trey Martin, A, def. Jason Hargett-Christian Jensen, U, 2 1/2-1/2 (3 and 2)
Greg Cesarak-Mark Apps, A, halved Jeff Jolley-Justin Keiley, U
David Jennings-Dan Horner, U, def. Matt Adcock-Pat Geare, A, 3-0 (5 and 4)
Individual Matches
Tuesday Morning
9:00- Kim Eaton, A, vs. Sadie Palmer, U
9:08- Kelly Loeb, A, vs. Kelsey Chugg, U
9:16- Pat Geare, A, vs. Darrin Overson, U
9:24- Matt Adcock, A, vs. David Jennings, U
9:32- Mark Apps, A, vs. Christian Jensen, U
9:40- Sean O’Donnell, A, vs. Jason Hargett, U
9:48- Grant Cesarak, A, vs. Jeff Jolley, U
9:56- Greg Cesarak, A, vs. Justin Keiley, U
10:04- Trey Martin, A, vs. Jon Wright, U
10:12- Adam Walicki, A, vs. Dan Horner, U