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Arizona Wins Four-Ball Segment of Shootout

Arizona won the four-ball segment of the Utah-Arizona Shootout by a slim one point, 9 ½ to 8 ½, at the Torreon Golf Club Tuesday morning. The afternoon round will consist of a foursome (alternating shot) format, and the competition will conclude on Tuesday with individual matches.
Utah goes into the matches with a 12-10-1 lead in the series, including three wins and a tie during the past four years.
Utah’s women’s duo won all three of their points in the four-ball segment, but Utah’s seniors managed to win only a half-point.
Grant Cesarak and Adam Walicki won all three points against Utah’s Jon Wright and Christian Jensen.
None of the matches went the full 18 holes.
Four-Ball Results
Sadie Palmer-Kelsey Chugg, Utah def. Kim Eaton-Kelly Loeb, A, 3-0 (3 and 2)
Lee Decof-Tom Sweigart, A, def. Bill Probst-Pat Murphy, U, 2 ½-1/2 (5 and 4)
At Large
Grant Cesarak-Adam Walicki, A, def. Jon Wright-Christian Jensen, U, 3-0 (5 and 4)
Jason Hargett-Darrin Overson, U, def. Trey Martin-Sean O’Donnell, A, 2-1 (2 and 1)
Dan Horner-Jeff Jolley, U, def. Greg Cesarak-Pat Geare, A, 2 ½-1/2 (4 and 3)
Matt Adcock-Mark Apps, A, def. David Jennings-Keiley, U, 2 ½- 1/2 (2-up)