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24th Utah-Arizona Shootout Begins Monday at Torreon

The 24th annual Utah-Arizona Shootout will be held Monday and Tuesday, October 6th and 7th at Torreon Golf Club in Arizona. Utah won the crystal trophy last year at Sand Hollow with the largest victory margin in the history of the event, 49 ½ to 22 ½, and Utah has won or retained the trophy for the past four years.  Arizona is hoping to reverse the recent domination of the event by Utah.
Neither team has held the trophy for longer than a four-year stretch and no team has held more than a three-win margin in the long history of the event. Utah now stands on top of the series with a 12-10-1 record.
The competition is modeled after the Ryder Cup, but the scoring system is different. The Shootout has a Nassau scoring system that consists of a point for the front nine, a point for the back nine, and a point for the 18.
Utah’s team consists of former State Am champions Dan Horner and Darrin Overson, and two-time and current reigning Utah State Am champion Jon Wright. Other At Large members are Jeff Jolley, Jason Hargett, Justin Keiley, Christian Jensen, and David Jennings. The two seniors are Bill Probst and Pat Murphy and the two women are Kelsey Chugg and Sadie Palmer.
Justin Keiley and Sadie Palmer are the only rookies on the Utah team.
Half of the Arizona team consists of rookies this year including both women players Kim Eaton and Kelly Loeb. Other rookies are senior Lee Decof and at large players Matt Adcock, Shankar Natarajan, and Sean O’Donnell. Veterans are Adam Walicki, Marc Apps, Pat Geare, brothers Greg and Grant Cesarek, and seniorTom Sweigart.
The Torreon Golf Club is located in the mountains northeast of Phoenix and is hosting the Shootout for the first time. The Shootout alternates each year between the two states and the event has never been played at the same site twice.
During the first nine years of the matches the home team won every match with Utah breaking service in the tenth year at Pinnacle Peak Country Club in Tempe. Utah also won the next year which gave it a 3-up lead in the series and it remains the biggest advantage either team has held in the series.
Arizona won four straight matches from 2002 through 2005 which is the most consecutive wins for either side.
The 12-person teams consist of eight at large players, two seniors, and two women. The first day, Monday, includes foursomes and four-ball formats, and Tuesday is an individual format. The point system is different than the Ryder Cup in that each match is under the Nassau scoring system of a point for the front nine, a point for the back nine, and a point for the 18.
First round pairings will be determined at the opening banquet of the tournament Sunday night and announced on this page.