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Seniors Lead UGA to Rare Governor’s Cup Win over PGA

The seniors of the Utah Golf Association led the UGA to one of its rare wins in the annual Governor’s Cup competition with the Utah Section of the PGA Wednesday at Hidden Valley Country Club. The UGA won the Cup by five points, 18 ½ to 13 ½, and the UGA Seniors provided the victory margin by defeating the PGA Seniors 5 ½ to ½.
The Cup is going to feel a little bit out of place. It usually rests comfortably in the offices of the Utah Section of the PGA, but for the next year at least the Cup will have to get acquainted with the new surroundings of the offices of the Utah Golf Association. The UGA had the cup in 2006 for one brief year and then again in 2012. The overall record has the PGA with a 22-6 margin and there have been two ties.
In the PGA offices the Cup is just a routine part of the décor and it got dusted every now and then. At the UGA, where it seldom rests, it will probably be polished every day.
The competition is a Walker Cup style format with individual matches, four-ball matches, and foursome (alternating shot) matches. The two teams split the four-ball and foursome points, and the UGA won the Cup when all four seniors won all four individual points.
Brett Sampson and Kirk Siddens swept all of their points in all categories.
Utah State Am champion Jon Wright played some spectacular golf in his individual match against Tracy Zobell, sinking six birdies and an eagle.
Governor’s Cup Matches
Hidden Valley Country Club
UGA 18 ½, PGA 13 ½
Individual Matches
UGA 10 ½, PGA 5 1/2
Justin Keiley, UGA def. Tommy Sharp, PGA, 5 and 4
Jeff Jolley, UGA Halved Pete Stone, PGA, 1 1/2-1 1/2
Dustin Volk, PGA def. Brandon Kida, UGA, 1-up
Mark Owen, PGA def. Kai Ruiz, UGA, 1-up
Christian Jensen, UGA def. Chris Moody, PGA, 2 and 1
Casey Fowles, PGA def. Darrin Overson, UGA, 4 and 3
Jon Wright, UGA def. Tracy Zobell, PGA, 4 and 3
Matt Baird, PGA def. Carey Shinkle, UGA, 2-up
Jacob Holt, UGA def. Derek Fox, PGA, 1-up
Dan Horner, UGA def. Ryan Rhees, PGA, 4 and 2
Jordan Rodgers, UGA def. Joe Summerhays, PGA, 2 and 1
David Jennings, UGA def. Ryan Kartchner, PGA, 2 and 1
Pat Murphy, UGA def. Kim Thompson, PGA, 2-up
Kirk Siddens, UGA def. Jeff Green, PGA, 5 and 4
Dana Nelson, UGA def. Stu Nelson, PGA, 2 and 1
Brett Sampson, UGA def. Eric Nielsen, PGA, 3 and 1
Foursome Matches
PGA 4 ½, UGA 3 1/2
Fox-Baird, PGA def. Kida-Ruiz, UGA, 5 and 4
Volk-Owen, PGA def. Jensen-Wright, UGA, 5 and 3
Rhees-Summerhays, PGA def. Shinkle-Holt, UGA, 4 and 3
Keiley-Jolley, UGA def. Kartchner-Fowles, PGA, 1-up
Sharp-Stone, PGA def. Jennings-Jurca, UGA, 5 and 3
Horner-Rodgers, UGA def. Moody-Zobell, 2 and 1
Murphy-Nelson, UGA Halved Nielsen-Green, PGA,
Sampson-Siddens, UGA def. Thompson-Nelson, PGA, 3 and 2
Four-Ball Matches
UGA 4 1/2, PGA 3 1/2
Keiley-Jolley, UGA def. Sharp-Stone, PGA, 2 and 1
Volk-Owen, PGA def. Kida-Ruiz, UGA, 3 and 2
Kartchner-Fowles, PGA def. Overson-Jennings, UGA, 2 and 1
Jensen-Wright, UGA def. Moody-Zobell, PGA, 4 and 3
Baird-Fox, PGA def. Shinkle-Holt, UGA, 1-up
Horner-Rodgers, UGA def. Rhees-Summerhays, PGA, 4 and 3
Murphy-Nelson, UGA Halved Nelson-Thompson, 1 ½-1 ½
Sampson-Siddens, UGA def. Nelson-Green, PGA, 3 and 1