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Medalist Honors Goes To Tommy Higham as Players fight Wind and Rain at Crater Springs

Eighty-three players teed it up in what has to be one of the coldest Utah State Am Qualifiers in recent history in the attempt to make it to the finals at Ogden Golf and Country Club and Valley View next month.  Fighting throughthe wind and rain from a freak mid summer storm that dropped snow in Park City, Tommy Higham bested the rest of the fiels with a three under par 69.  A Midway local and and UGA veteran Bill Probst was the only other player to come in under par with a 71.
Twenty-eight players advanced to the Utah State Amateur Championship at the Crater Springs Qualifying session Tuesday with the cutline coming at 78. Six players had to playoff for the final two spots and Griffen Merrill and Robert Tomsick won those spots. Jeff McDonald and Aaron Graham became the first and second alternates.
Those who qualified for the finals at Ogden Golf and Country Club and Valley View were as follows:
1               Higham, Tommy                  -3      69
2               Probst, Bill                           -1      71
T3             You, Kenny                         Even 72
T3             Gibb, Ron                            Even 72
T5             Lloyd, Rick                          +1     73
T5             Rawle, Jackson                    +1     73
T5             Winterowd, Paul                  +1     73
T5             Shinkle, Carey                     +1     73
9               Christiansen, Clint               +2     74
T10           Holm, Mike                          +3     75
T10           Kwun, Robert                      +3     75
T10           Bennett, Pete                       +3     75
T10           Hendrix, Brad                      +3     75
T10           Bloxham, Jordan                  +3     75
T15           Rich, Robert                        +4     76
T15           Gibson, Michael                   +4     76
T15           Mcgregor, Jim                      +4     76
T15           Stubbs, Jim                          +4     76
T15           Seow, Joshua                       +4     76
T15           Miner, Tyler                         +4     76
T21           Andersen, Kevin                  +5     77
T21           Hermansen, Chris                +5     77
T21           Paul, Josh                             +5     77
T21           Stuart, Rich                          +5     77
T21           Cannon, Paul                       +5     77
T21           Timmons, Todd                   +5     77
T27           Merrill, Griffen                    +6     78
T27           Tomsick, Robert                  +6     78