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FAQ’s on UGA Multiple Memberships in 2014

The UGA has mailed out membership renewals in the mail and we have had some questions from our members regarding the increase in the multiple club membership fee.  Hopefully the questions and answers below will explain the reason behind the change for 2014.
Why did the multiple member fee increase in 2014 to a full membership fee?
In 2011, the UGA joined the Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN) where golfers are assigned a 7 digit number that can be looked up in multiple different formats (Handicap Computer at UGA Member Clubs, GHIN Mobile App, GHIN Tournament Pairing Program and  With the ease of viewing a golfer’s handicap index the number of multiple memberships have decreased significantly.
Do I need to be listed on the handicap roster at a specific men’s and women’s league in order to participate?
That question is left up to each league.  The UGA will give each men’s and women’s league president or golf professional access to the GHIN Tournament Pairing Program (TPP) for free which will allow tournament organizers the ability to pull any UGA member’s GHIN number and current handicap index from any club.  League presidents or golf professionals can e-mail the UGA at [email protected] or call us at 801-563-0400 for instructions on TPP.
So does this mean that any UGA member club can view my handicap index when I am not on their handicap roster?
Yes all member clubs can get set up to view your handicap index as long as you are a current UGA member.
If I play in a league that is not at my home course can the league post my scores to my GHIN number?
Yes the TPP program allows for tournament organizers to post scores via TPP to any active GHIN number.
My league president says I have to have a multi membership.  What can I tell them?
Have the league president or golf professional contact the UGA and our staff will review with them how to use TPP and how to easily import active UGA members into their men’s or women’s league without having to be a multiple member.