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Gary Hatfield Sinks Three Aces in 2013, Increases Brothers’ Total to 16

Several years ago the UGA ran a story about the Hatfield brothers, Mo, Larry, and Curly. No, not really. Their names are Sherm, Roger, and Gary.
The story was about their proclivity for making holes-in-one. At the time Roger was the King of the Clan with eight aces, followed by Sherm with three, and the youngest, Gary, with just two, and ironically, Gary is clearly the best player. We knew it would only be a matter of time before he caught up with them, after all he’s a dozen years younger than his two siblings, and he can make them with skill instead of luck.
2013 was a big hole-in-one year for Gary. He made three of them, and that increased the Clan’s total to 16 between them. Roger sniffed an ace, leaving a shot one half inch short of the 12th hole at River Oaks, Sherm isn’t even thinking holes-in-one, he would just like to get on the green in one.
So now, for the record, Roger still leads with eight, Gary moved into second with five, and Sherm still has three.
In addition to eight aces Roger also has a double eagle. It came on the eighth hole at Mick Riley 12 years ago.
Sherm is a former president of the Utah Golf Association, a recipient of the UGA Gold Club Award, a veteran golf rules official, and is still an active volunteer for the organization.
Sherm is 72, Roger 70, and Gary 59, and so now that they’ve proven their luck maybe they can focus on shooting their age. Now that takes talent.
Holes-in-One by the Hatfield Brothers
1966- Roger Hatfield, Mountain Dell, #2
1967- Sherm Hatfield, Long View, Washington (with rental clubs)
1975- Roger Hatfield, Bonneville #18
1975- Sherm Hatfield, Mick Riley #2
1982- Gary Hatfield, Dixie Red Hills #2
1985- Roger Hatfield, Meadowbrook #6
1995- Roger Hatfield, Mick Riley #5
1995- Gary Hatfield, West Ridge #8 (State Am Qualifying)
1997- Roger Hatfield, Mountain View #8
2004- Roger Hatfield, Mountain View #8
2009- Roger Hatfield, Mountain View #2
2011- Roger Hatfield, Bountiful Ridge, #14
2012- Sherm Hatfield, Stonebridge on Sunrise #3
2013- Gary Hatfield, Bountiful Ridge, #2, with 6-iron, witnessed by Greer Hatfield and Jeremy and Derk Watson.
2013- Gary Hatfield, five days later, Sky Mountain #8, 5 iron, witnessed by his wife, Beckie, sister-in-law Renae, and brother Roger.
2013- Gary Hatfield, #8, River Oaks, 4-iron, witnessed by Jeff Ertel and again, the good luck charm, his brother Roger.
We will update this saga as they sink more aces. Also, if there are any other families with similar stories please let us know.