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2014 New Year’s Golf Resolutions

2014 is hours away and this year will hopefully see you playing more golf and enjoying the game you love. Below are a few resolutions for your consideration.

I am going to make an effort to pick up my pace of play
I am going to play two more rounds of golf in 2014 than I played in 2013.
I am going to walk at least nine holes every week.I am going to seek out the experts and schedule a lesson with my local PGA Golf Professional.
I am going to post all my casual and tournament rounds and establish and make an effort to improve each time I play.
I am going to play in at least one tournament in an individual format that requires I count all my strokes.
I am going to take an interest in the Rules of Golf by visiting the UGA website and reading about the rules at least 15 minutes per week.
I am going to play by the Rules of Golf and encourage others to do the same.
I am going to devote time this year in encouraging young people to get involved in golf.
I am going to play at least two golf courses that I have never played before.
I am going to play at least once with four friends I have never played with.
I am going to have a lower handicap index by at least 1.5 by the end of the year.
If I can get my handicap to single digits I am going to enter the Utah State Amateur Championship.
I am going to be part of the game I love and support the Utah Golf Association by becoming a member.