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Talons Cove Wins 8-Man Public Links Title for Fourth Year

Talons Cove captured the UGA Public Links 8-Man Team Championship by defeating Stonebridge in the final match, 22-14. It is the fourth straight time Talons Cove has won the title.
Jason Hargett, Scott Clark, and Luke Morgan each swept all three points in their individual matches. Others in the championship match for Talons Cove were Brandon Hargett, Paul Winterowd, Jeff Jolley, Rich Tripp, and Carey Shinkle. Others on the team in the earlier playoff matches were Jim and Ben McGregor, Jon Oettli, Talons got to the championship round by defeating East Bay, Eagle Mountain, and South Mountain in earlier playoff matches.
Stonebridge defeated Bonneville, Overlake, and East Bay to get to the finals.
UGA 8-Man Team LeaguePublic Links ResultsRound of 16- Talons Cove def. East Bay, no score reportedQuarterfinals- Talons Cove def. Eagle Mountain, 23-13Semifinals- Talons Cove def. South Mountain, 19 ½-16 ½Finals- Talons Cove def. Stonebridge, 22-14
Championship Match ResultsBrandon Hargett, TC, def. Rick Luke, S, 2-1Jason Hargett, TC, def. Cody Allard, 3-0Four-Ball- Talons Cove, 2-1Group Points- Talons Cove, 7-2
Scott Clark TC, def. Jeremy Tye, S, 3-0Matthew Isbell, S, def. Paul Winterowd, TC, 2 ½ to ½Four Ball- TiedGroup Points- Talons Cove, 5-4
Jeff Jolley, TC, tied Mike Behle, S, 1 ½-1 ½Alan Tolman, S, def. Rich Tripp, TC, 2 ½-1/2Four Ball- Stonebridge, 2 ½-1/2Group Points- Stonebridge, 6 ½ – 2 ½
Luke Morgan, TC, def. Mike Bauman, S, 3-0Carey Shinkle, TC, tied Rigo Jimenez, S, 1 ½-1 ½Four Ball- Talons Cove, 3-0Group Points, 7 ½-1 ½