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Utah Wins Foursome Segment, Jumps to Five Point Lead in Shootout

Utah got off to a fast start in the Utah-Arizona Shootout at Sand Hollow by winning the Foursomes competition, 11 ½ to 6 ½, Monday morning.
The only match Utah lost in the Foursomes segment was the feature match pitting Utah’s Zac Blair and Tommy Forsman against Arizona’s top duo, Camron Howell and captain Trey Martin. The Arizonans won the match, 2-1.
Arizona also managed a tie in the senior division, but Utah won the other four matches, two of them by 2 ½ to 1 ½ margins. Utah’s women, Annette Gaiotti and Kelsey Chugg score 2 ½ points in downing Arizona’s women, and Jeff Jolley and Carey Shinkle dominated Pat Geare and Greg Cesarak in the other 2 ½ point victory. David Jennings and Jeff Evans also gained a 2-1 victory for Utah.
The Shootout is scored by a Nassau scoring system of a point for the front nine, a point for the back nine, and a point for the 18 holes. There are three sections of competition including the Foursomes (alternating shot), Four-Ball, and Individual matches. A total of 72 points is possible and it takes 37 points to win the match.
Utah and Arizona battled to a 36-36 tie last year and the series stands at 11-10-1 in favor of Utah.
Foursome ResultsAnnette Giaotti-Kelsey Chugg, Utah def. Jennifer Udd-Stephanie Kim, Arizona, 2 ½-1/2.Steve Poulson-Bill Probst, Utah tied Cyrus Whitney-Michael Mitchell, Arizona, 1 ½-1 ½.Brandon Hargett-Jon Wright, Utah, def. Grant Cesarak-Adam Walicki, Arizona, 2-1David Jennings-Jeff Evans, Utah def. Marc Apps-Andy Addudel, Arizona, 2-1Jeff Jolley-Carey Shinkle, Utah def. Pat Geare-Greg Cesarak, Arizona, 2 ½-1/2.Camron Howell-Trey Martin, Arizona, def. Zac Blair-Tommy Forsman, Utah 2-1.