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Utah Blitzes Arizona in Four-Ball, 16-2; Leads Shootout by 19 Points

The Utah Shootout team blitzed Arizona in the afternoon Four-Ball segment, 16-2, and goes into the Tuesday morning individual matches with a 27 ½ to 8 ½ lead. Utah won the morning Foursome segment (alternating shot) 11 ½ to 6 ½. The matches are being held at Sand Hollow Golf Course.
The 16-2 blitzing ties the record for the most points in the four-ball segment. Arizona blitzed Utah by that score in 2004, and held a record 24-16 lead at midpoint that year. Utah won the individual matches that year, but lost the Shootout by nine points.
Utah’s midpoint lead of 19 ½ points this year is the largest in history.
The largest team victory on record was a 48-24 win by Arizona in 1998 and Utah will need 21 points in Tuesday’s individual matches to eclipse that record. Utah has only exceeded 21 individual points in 2008 when it tallied 23 points at Talking Rock.
The largest victory margin came at the Page National Course In 1998 when Arizona walloped Utah, 48-24, which came on the strength of a 28-8 win in the individual matches. In order to win the matches this year Arizona will have to win 28 points in the individual matches Tuesday morning.
The Shootout is scored by a Nassau scoring system of a point for the front nine, a point for the back nine, and a point for the 18 holes. There are three sections of competition including the Foursomes (alternating shot), Four-Ball, and Individual matches. A total of 72 points is possible and it takes 37 points to win the match.
Utah and Arizona battled to a 36-36 tie last year and the series stands at 11-10-1 in favor of Utah.
Foursome Results, morningAnnette Giaotti-Kelsey Chugg, Utah def. Jennifer Udd-Stephanie Kim, Arizona, 2 ½-1/2.Steve Poulson-Bill Probst, Utah tied Cyrus Whitney, Murphy Mitchell, Arizona, 1 ½-1 ½.Brandon Hargett, Jon Wright, Utah, def. Grant Cesarak-Adam Walicki, Arizona, 2-1David Jennings-Jeff Evans, Utah def. Marc Apps-Brian Addudel, Arizona, 2-1Jeff Jolley-Carey Shinkle, Utah def. Pat Geare-Greg Cesarak, Arizona, 2 ½-1/2.Camron Howell-Trey Martin, Arizona, def. Zac Blair-Tommy Forsman, Utah 2-1.Foursome Totals- Utah 11 ½, Arizona 6 1/2
Four Ball Match Results (Afternoon)Gaiotti-Chugg, Utah def. Kim-Udd, Arizona, 2 ½-1/2Poulson-Probst, Utah def. Whitney-Mitchell, 3-0Jennings-Evans, Utah def. Grant Cesarak-Walicki, 3-0Hargett-Wright, Utah def. Apps-Aduddell, Arizona, 2-1Blair-Forsman, Utah def. Geare-Greg Cesarak, Arizona 2 ½- ½Shinkle-Jolley, Utah def. Martin-Howell, Arizona, 3-0Four-Ball Totals- Utah 16, Arizona 2Midpoint score- Utah 27 1./2, Arizona 8 1/2

Tuesday’s Individual Matches
7:30- Annette Gaiotti, U, vs. Jennifer Udd, A
7:36- Kelsey Chugg, U, vs. Stephanie Kim, A
7:42- Steve Poulson, U, vs. Murphy Mitchell, A
7:48- Bill Probst, U, vs. Cyrus Whitney, A
7:54- Brandon Hargett, U, vs. Grant Cesarak, A
8:00- Jeff Evans, U, vs. Marc Apps, A
8:06- Jeff Jolley, U, vs. Pat Geare, A
8:12- Tommy Forsman, U, vs. Greg Cesarak, A
8:18- Jon Wright, U, vs. Camron Howell, A
8:24- Carey Shinkle, U, vs. Trey Martin, A
8:32- Zac Blair, U, vs/ Adam Walicki, A
8:38- David Jennings, U, vs. Andy Aduddell, A