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Powers Tops Field at Schneiter’s Bluff Senior Am

Schneiter’s Bluff divided its senior tournament into three age divisions and played gross and net within the divisions.
Jeff Powars ran away with the young age group with a 66 and a four shot margin over Keven Rutherford.
Bill Probst edged Ruben Escobedo and Steve Woldberg for the mid-age group, and Al Simkins and Greg Cox tied in the older division.
Schneiter’s BluffSenior Amateur
Age 50-57Gross66- Jeff Powars70- Keven Rutherford72- Brett Sampson, Craig Gardner75- Karl Avant, Pagtrick Murphy, Rick Groendyke76- Russell Hook77- Doug Park78- Paul Cannon, Rich Stuart, Steve Kirk80- John Hood, Mike Park, Trace Kenny81- Jeff Burton, Mckay Houston, Robert Checketts82- Mark Bateman, Rod Spendlove83- Jon Norton87- Neil Hill, Robbie Gale89- Ray Smith, Shaun Houston91- Roy Whiting92- Alden Farr93- Eric Price95- Douglas Craner
Net64- Steve Kirk67- Jeff Powars, McKay Houston
Men 58-64Gross70- Bill Probst71- Ruben Escobedo, Steven Woldberg72- Bevan Killpack73- Dan Brown, Dan Telford74- Dan Parkinson75- Don Peterson, Scott Snitker, Wayne Montgomery76- Rod Stanger, Todd Barker77- Gary Schenck, Merrell Turley79- Craig Tye, Derek Shiraga, Sal Gramalia81- Jeff Everts, Lester Perry82- Dean Devries, Kelly Benson83- Bill Posell, Paul Crowell84- Kevin Hogge85- Rick McGuire86- Kim Schenck90- Jeffrey Cagloe91- Stephen Chard94- Vance Heslop
Net61- Sal Gramalia63- Steve Woldberg65- Scott Snitker
Men 65 and OverGross72- Al Simkins, Greg Cox74- Roy Mikesell76- David Fischer, Steve Ashby78- Dennis Fox79- Robert Medina80- Craig Cooper81- Gary Powell, Jim Thomas, Ken Martin82- David Christiansen83- Sterling Larsen, Steve Gibson84- John Bowen85- Mike McGuire86- Dean Allen, Ron Clark87- Richard Nielsen88- Ron Tubbs89- Dee Schenck90- Dick Poole, Pete Quinney91- Rick Sutton93- Ken WaymentNC- Dennis Jones
Net65- Greg Cox, Steve Ashby, Robert Medina