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Utah PGA Pros Regain Possession of Governor’s Cup, 20-12, at Promontory

by Kurt Kragthorpe
Park City – With strong play from Tommy Sharp, Pete Stone and the senior contingent, the Utah Section PGA regained possession of the Governor’s Cup in Wednesday’s matches with the Utah Golf Association’s top amateurs.
The 16-member PGA team took a 20-12 victory at the Promontory Club’s Painted Valley Golf Course, a Jack Nicklaus signature design. The UGA tied the Foursomes segment, but the PGA won the other two formats handily.
The win gives the PGA an all-time lead of 22-5-2, while avenging a defeat in 2012.
The competition was tied 4-4 after the morning foursomes event, but the PGA team took control in the afternoon, which combined individual and four-ball matches in each group. The pros claimed a 10-6 advantage individually and won 6-2 in four-ball play.
Sharp and Stone dominated each session, winning all four available points while not having to play beyond the 15th hole in any match. Zach Johnson, Joseph Summerhays, Tracy Zobell and Ryan Rhees also were big contributors in the at-large division.
The PGA’s four senior players provided the decisive points. Jeff Green, Mike Borich, Brad Stone and Tom Rogers, Promontory’s director of golf, combined to win 6.5 of eight possible points.
The UGA’s stars were Jordan Hammer and Jacob Holt, who played together and won all four available points.
The competition was staged with the backdrop of the nearby Rockport fire, but blue skies and pleasant conditions prevailed at the golf course.
Singles Results
Clay Ogden, UGA def. Matt Baird, 5 and 3
Joe Summerhays, PGA def. Justin Keiley, 1-up
Dan Horner,UGA/Chris Moody,PGA, halved
Jennings, UGA def. Mark Owen, 1-up
Zach Johnson, PGA def. Jon Wright, 4 and 3
John Owen, UGA def. Shawn Edwards, 2 and 1
Jordan Hammer, UGA def. Troy Watkins, 7 and 6
Jacob Holt, UGA def. Todd Tanner, 1-up
Tommy Sharp, PGA def. Mike Jurca, 5 and 3
Pete Stone, PGA def. Jeff Jolley, 4 and 3
Tracy Zobell, PGA def. Devon Purser, 2 and 1
Ryan Rhees, PGA def. Tom Forsman, 4 and 3
Scott Fairbanks, UGA/Mike Borich, PGA, halved
Jeff Green, PGA def. Kirk Siddens, 3 and 2
Tom Rogers, PGA def. Russ Hook, 3 and 2
Brad Stone, PGA def. Bill Probst, 2 and 1
PGA 10, UGA 6
Four-Ball Results
Ogden-Keiley, UGA def. Baird-Summerhays, 4 and 3
Moody-Owen, PGA def. Horner-Jennings, 1-up
Johnson-Edwards, PGA def. Wright-Owen, 3 and 2
Hammer-Holt, UGA def. Watkins-Tanner, 2 and 1
Sharp-Stone, PGA def. Jurca-Jolley, 7 and 6
Zobell-Rhess, PGA def. Purser-Forsman, 2 and 1
Borich-Green, PGA def. Siddens-Fairbanks, 3 and 2
Rogers-Stone, PGA def. Probst-Hook, 3 and 2
PGA 6, UGA 2
Wright-Owen, UGA def. Moody-Owen, 4 and 2
Keiley-Ogden, UGA halve Johnson-Edwards, PGA
Summerhays-Baird, PGA def. Jurca-Jolley, UGA, 2 and 1
Horner-Jennings, UGA def. Watkins-Tanner, 3 and 2
Sharp-Stone, PGA def. Purser-Forsman, 5 and 4
Hammer-Holt, UGA def. Zobell-Rhees, 3 and 2
Borich-Green, PGA def. Probst-Borich, 2 and 1
Siddens-Fairbanks, UGA halve Rogers-Stone
UGA 4, PGA 4