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Pros Want Governor’s Cup Trophy Back Where It Belongs

The Governor’s Cup, an annual competition between the best players in the Utah Golf Association and the best players in the Utah Section of the PGA, will be held Wednesday on the Nicklaus Course at Promontory Golf Club east of Park City.
The Governor’s Cup Trophy is a traveling trophy and is displayed in the office of the winning team and it currently resides in the offices of the Utah Golf Association. That’s a rare place for it. Its usual home is in the office of the PGA, and according to Scott Whittaker, the Executive Director of the PGA, “the trophy is home sick and needs to come home.”
Last year the amateurs pulled off a rare upset and nipped the pros 17-15 at Oakridge Country Club, and of course, the pros have been chomping at the bit to get the trophy back—one long year of chomping.
The amateurs have a burning desire to win the competition, but losing to the professionals is not an ego-buster because as one old-timer put it, “the pros are our alumni team.”
The UGA team has a major roster change with only Cole Ogden, Jake Holt, Jeff Jolley, and Bill Probst returning from the victorious team of last year.
On the other hand, the pros, last year’s losers, are returning seven from last year’s team including top point-getter Mark Owen. Owen was the only pro last year to win all of his possible points.
The competition uses a Ryder Cup format with team play in the morning and individual matches in the afternoon.
The rosters are as follows:
Utah Governors Cup TeamsPromontory Nicklaus Course
AmateursJon WrightCole OgdenDan HornerTommy ForsmanDevon PurserJordan HammerJacob HoltDavid JenningsJeff JolleyMike JurcaJustin KeileyJohn OwenSenior AmateursBill ProbstKirk SiddensScott FairbanksRussell Hook
ProfessionalsChris MoodyMark OwenZach JohnsonShawn EdwardsMatt BairdJoe SummerhaysTommy SharpPete StoneTracy ZobellRyan RheesTodd TannerTroy Watkins
SeniorsMike BorichJeff GreenBrad StoneTom Rogers
Last year’s score was as follows:2012 Utah Governor’s Cup Matches Final Score: UGA 17, PGA 15Alternate Shot ResultsUGA (Mason Casper-Nick Drost) def. PGA (Zach Johnson-Pete Stone), 2 and 1PGA (Dustin Volk-Mark Owen) def. UGA (Tanner Higham-Cole Ogden), 1-upPGA (Tommy Sharp-Kury Reynolds) def. UGA (Kenny You-Josh White), 1-upUGA (Jacob Holt-Brad Millard) def. PGA (Todd Tanner-Troy Watkins), 2 and 1UGA (Jeff Jolley-Steve Poulson) def. PGA (Joe Summerhays-Jared Barnes), 1-upUGA (Joey Olson-Clark Jones) tied PGA (Ryan Rhees-Dave Loughton)UGA Seniors (Bill Probst-Brent Marriott ) def. PGA Seniors (Mike Borich-Quentin Sasser), 2 and 1UGA Seniors (Pat Murphy-Todd Barker) def. PGA Seniors (Stu Nelson-Henry White) 4 and 3Score: UGA 5 1/2, PGA 2 1/2Four-Ball ResultsUGA (Higham-Ogden) def. PGA (Johnson-Stone), 2-upPGA (Volk-Owen) def. UGA (Casper-Drost), 2 and 1UGA (Millard-Holt) def. PGA (Sharp-Reynolds), 2-upUGA (You-White) tied PGA (Tanner-Watkins)PGA (Summerhays-Barnes) def. UGA (Olson-Jones), 4 and 3PGA (Rhees-Loughton) def. UGA (Jolley-Poulson), 3 and 1UGA Seniors (Murphy-Barker) def. PGA Seniors (Borich-Sasser), 2 and 1UGA Seniors (Probst-Marriott) tied PGA Seniors (Nelson-White)Score: UGA 4, PGA 4Individual ResultsTanner Higham, UGA, tied Zach Johnson, PGACole Ogden, UGA, def. Pete Stone, PGA, 1-upDustin Volk, PGA, def. Mason Casper, UGA, 1-upMark Owen, PGA, def. Nick Drost, UGA, 4 and 3Tommy Sharp, PGA, def. Jake Holt, UGA, 3 and 1Brad Millard, UGA, def. Kury Reynolds, PGA, 4 and 3Kenny You, UGA, def. Todd Tanner, PGA, 3 and 1Troy Watkins, PGA, def. Josh White, UGA, 2 and 1Joe Summerhays, PGA, def. Joey Olson, UGA, 4 and 3Clark Jones, UGA, tied Jared Barnes, PGAJeff Jolley, UGA, def. Ryan Rhees, PGA, 1-upDave Loughton, PGA, def. Steve Poulson, UGA, 4 and 3Pat Murphy, UGA Seniors, tied Quentin Sasser, PGA SeniorsTodd Barker, UGA Seniors, def. Mike Borich, PGA Seniors, 2 and 1Bill Probst, UGA Seniors, tied Stu Nelson, PGA SeniorsBrent Marriott, UGA Seniors, tied Henry White, PGA SeniorsScore: PGA 8 1/2, UGA 7 1/2