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Brent Tidwell Wins Super Senior Title; Holm Cops Net Division Title of Utah Senior Am

(Explanation: The Utah Senior Amateur tournament sponsored by the Utah Golf Association is actually three separate tournaments. The overall gross championship is a 54-hole event and the final round will be held Saturday and the results of that segment of the tournament are reported separately on this web page. The Super Senior Division is also a gross only event, but is for those 65 and over, but was a 36-hole event and concluded Friday. The Net Division was for all seniors 50 and over and was a net only division for 36-holes. )
Brent Tidwell won the Super Senior Division of the Utah Senior Amateur Friday at Fox Hollow Golf Course in American Fork. He shot 74-71-145 and coasted to victory with an eight shot margin over runnerup Doug Horne, who shot 79-74-153 for second place.
Only 12 players were entered in the Super Seniors, a gross only division of ages 65 and over.
Steve Holm won the Net Division of the tournament with a two-day score of 11 under par net with rounds of 69-64-133. Second place went to two players, Shon Danklef and Ken Slagle. They were four shots behind Holm.
The net division was for anyone over 50 and was based solely on net scores.
The Super Senior Gross Division and the Net Division were 36-hole tournaments and concluded Friday. The overall Gross Division of the tournament for all players 50 and over is a three-day 54-hole tournament and still has one round to complete on Saturday. The current standings in that division are in a separate story on the UGA web page.
Super Senior (65 and over)Gross Division145- Brent Tidwell, 74-71153- Doug Horne, 79-74154- Doug Marriott, 78-76158- Dave Hansen, 77-81162- Ron Clark, 82-80163- Doug Rosecrans, 81-82165- Sterling Larson, 85-80167- Dave Edmonds, 85-82171- Dave Feldman, 87-84175- Greg Fraser, 88-87; Lynn Johnson, 87-88191- Manny Garcia, 100-91
Net Division (50 and over)133- Steve Holm, 69-64137- Shon Danklef, 71-66; Ken Slagle, 71-66143- Shaun Houston, 74-69144- Dean Bond, 71-73; Harold Scott, 75-69145- Bret Hancock, 74-71; Jason Tanner, 72-73147- Randy Fox, 75-72148- Lee Ford, 75-73150- Kyle Bracken, Ron Clark152- Michael Woodford, 74-78153- McKay Houston, 79-74158- Richard Schneider, 77-81; John Bolinder, 86-72159- Dan Riddle, 83-76; Michael Johanson, 80-79161- Bobby Higgins, 79-82190- Brent Madsen, 92-88