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Former Champions, Seniors Do Well in Historic Round of 64 at Utah State Am

Former champions fared well during the first historic Round of 64 at this year’s Utah State Amateur being held at Soldier Hollow with five of the six advancing to the Round of 32.
Defending champion Jon Wright breezed to a 4 and 3 win over 64th seed Brandon Hargett and other champions to win their matches were Dan Horner, over Joe Webber, 1-up; Joe Parkinson over Brady Stanger, 4 and 3; Todd Barker over Steve Poulson, 1-up; and Jeff Evans over Colton Dallimore, 3 and 2. The only former champion to lose was Clark Rustand who lost to an 18th hole birdie by 17-year-old junior whiz Kai Ruiz, 1-up.
Medalist Cole Ogden survived a scare from 63rd seed Craig Wilson, a senior, and it took an extra hole for Ogden to finally put him away.
Another surprising development was the success of the nine seniors who made match play. Five of the nine seniors won their matches and one of the seniors, Steve Poulson lost to another senior,Todd Barker, 1-up. Kirk Siddens routed Cody Wass, 6 and 4; Jeff Powars defeated Steve Croft, 4 and 3; Brett Sampson downed Kalin Peterson, 3 and 2; and Mike Jorgensen took 19 holes to upset Devon Purser. The three seniors to lose to younger players were Craig Wilson to Cole Ogden, Reid Nielsen to Charlie Duensing, and Rafe Johnston to Jacob Holt.
Another interesting aspect of the Round of 64 was that the lower seed won 25 matches and the higher seed won seven matches. In other words of the 32 who advanced to match play this year because the field was extended to 64 players, seven of them advanced. What that means will be a matter of speculation in future days.
The seven higher seeds to win were Joey Olsen (60) over Jeff Jolley (5), 2 and 1; Mike Jorgensen (49) over Devon Purser (16), 19 holes; Sammy Cole (57) over Kenny You (8), 2-up; Jonathan Oettli (34) over Gentry Hicks 31), 3 and 1; Brett Sampson (55) over Kalin Peterson (10), 3 and 2; and Nate Nyman (48) over Nick Smart (17), 2 and 1.
Other noteworthy results saw Eric Rustand, Clark Rustand’s older brother, upset Casey Halliday, 3 and 1; Jordan Rodgers drub Todd Francis, 7 and 5; Noah Cook scaring John Owen before losing in 21 holes; Stratton Schulz, runnerup at Soldier Hollow two years ago, win 4 and 3 over Bjorn Trejo; and the last match of the day when Connor Jones won the 20th hole over Tommy Forsman, son of Champions Tour star Dan Forsman.
An interesting matchup in the Round of 32 Wednesday morning will have former champions Joe Parkinson and Todd Barker facing each other. Both of them won their championships at Alpine Country Club, albeit Barker won his fifteen years ago in 1997 and Parkinson won just three years ago in 2010. There is a three decade age difference between the two.
The annual Breakfast of Champions will be held Thursday morning at 7 a.m. with former State Am champion Bruce Brockbank as the guest speaker.Following the breakfast the Round of 32 will proceed on the Gold Course with the first tee time set for 9:30 a.m.
The Round of 16 will be held in the afternoon around 3 p.m. The quarterfinals and semifinals will be held on Friday and the 36-hole championship match will be Saturday beginning at 7:30 a.m.
Round of 64 ResultsUpper Left BracketJon Wright def. Brandon Hargett, 4 and 3Preston Richards def, Carey Shinkle, 4 and 3Mike Jorgensen def. Devon Purser, 19 holesNate Nyman def. Nick Smart, 2 and 1Sammy Cole def. Kenny You, 2-upJordan Hammer def. Connor Van Gilder, 3 and 1Dan Horner def. Joe Webber, 1-upRyan Brimley def. Dave Poggi, 5 and 4
Lower Left BracketJoe Parkinson def. Brady Stanger, 4 and 3Todd Barker def. Steve Poulson, 1-upJordan Rodgers def. Todd Francis, 7 and 5John Owen def. Noah Cook, 21 holesJoey Olsen def. Jeff Jolley, 2 and 1Eric Rustand def. Casey Halliday, 3 and 1Jeff Evans def. Colton Dallimore, 3 and 2Clark Jones def. David Jennings, 1-up
Upper Right BracketCole Ogden def. Craig Wilson, 19 holesJonathon Oettli def. Gentry Hicks, 3 and 1Kai Ruiz def. Clark Rustand, 1-upJacob Wagstaff def. Hayden Christensen, 5 and 4Tanner Higham def. Dana Nelson, 5 and 4Kirk Siddens def. Cody Wass, 6 and 4Brett Sampson def. Kalin Peterson, 3 and 2Jeff Powars def. Steve Croft
Lower Right BracketChristian Jensen def. T Miner, 3 and 2Jacob Holt def. Rafe Johnston, 2 and 1Kelton Hirsch def. Tommy Higham, 19 holesStratton Schulz def. Bjorn Trejo, 4 and 3JT Timmons def. Chris Hermansen, 2-upConnor Jones def. Tommy Forsman, 20 holesSeokown Jeon def. Matt Bushman, 1-upCharlie Duensing def. Reed Neilsen, 2 and 1
Round of 32 PairingsGold CourseNumber One Tee9:30-Jon Wright vs. Preston Richards9:39- Sammy Cole vs. Jordan Hammer9:48- Joe Parkinson vs. Todd Barker9:57- Joey Olsen vs. Eric Rustand10:06- Cole Ogden vs. Jonathon Oettli10:15- Tanner Higham vs. Kirk Siddens10:24- Christian Jensen vs. Jacob Holt10:33- JT Timmons vs. Connor Jones
Gold Course #10 Tee9:30- Mike Jorgensen vs. Nathan Nyman9:39- Dan Horner vs. Ryan Brimley9:48- Jordan Rodgers vs. John Owen9:57- Jeff Evans vs. Clark Jones10:06- Kai Ruiz vs. Jacob Wagstaff10:15- Brett Sampson vs. Jeff Powars10:24- Kelton Hirsch vs. Stratton Schulz10:33- Seokown Jeon vs. Charlie Duensing