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Cunningham, Casper Snare Berths to USGA Public Links Tourney

David Cunningham, new on the scene in Utah, from Park City, shot 72-67 to win the USGA Public Links Qualifying at Talons Cove Monday. Mason Casper won the other spot and the two will represent Utah at the national championship at Laurel Hill Gold Club in Lorton, Virginia July 15-20. This is the tournament that was held at Soldier Hollow last year.
BYU players Jordan Hammer and Mike Jurca are first and second alternates respectively. They shot 141 with Hammer winning the playoff. Jeff Jolley also shot 141, but left before the playoff was conducted.
USGA Public Links QualifyingTalons Cove Golf Club
Qualifiers139- David Cunningham, 72-67140- Mason Casper, 72-68
First Alternate141- Jordan Hammer, 74-67
Second Alternate141- Mike Jurca, 71-70
Did Not Qualify141- Jeff Jolley, 67-74143- Tommy Forsman, 73-70; Devon Purser, 73-70146- Clay Bingham, 74-72; David Jennings, 70-76147- Kenny You, 74-73148- Jeon Seokown, 73-75; Zach Pymm, 70-78149- Mike Hawkins, 79-70; Colton Dallimore, 76-73150- Jacob Holt, 75-75; Joey Olsen, 74-76153- Brandon Kida, 81-72; Brady Garn, 75-78154- Brennan Coburn, 75-79155- Steven Croft, 78-77; Zach Johnson, 76-79157- Andrew Harveson, 78-79158- Brett Thomas, 79-79; Hayden Jay Plewe, 78-80162- Rajeev Balasubramonian, 76-86163- Marc Eric Beese, 83-80; Erik Heiny, 83-80164- Patrick Murphy, 83-81166- Corwyn Smith, 83-83167- Lance Taiese Afoa, 87-80172- Joe Anderson, 84-88176- Christian Bravo, 94-82WD- Bob Mitchell; Dan Horner, Jordan Rogers; Tyson Yates, Christopher Walters