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High Winds Send Qualifying Scores Soaring at The Ranches

High winds at The Ranches sent State Am qualifying scores soaring and a score of 86, probably the highest qualifying score in the history of the tournament, was good enough to advance to the finals.
Brady Stanger was able to keep the ball low and straight and shot a remarkable 74 for medalist honors. ZachPymm was second with a 76 and 78s were good enough for third and fourth by Elden Parker and Paul Hammer. Prominent players to advance included David Booth and Nic Booth of Glenmoor and UGA Board Member Dave Dorton. His son, Dallas Dorton, was one of the three surprised players to shoot 86s and still make the cut. The other two were Ryan Edvalson and Steve Warnick.
Utah State AmateurRanches Qualifying
Qualifiers74- Brady Stanger76- Zach Pymm78- Elden Parker, Paul Hammer79- Andy Neff, Christopher Carter80- Eric Loveland, David Booth, TJ Olson, Kurt Carroll, Darrin Railsback81- Brian Zullo, Dan Kooyman, John Cadia82- Shane Romano, Dave Dorton83- Zach Johnson, Otto Carter84- Justin Shluker, Nic Booth, Brian Young, Jeremy Liddiard, Matthew McCandless, Mike Hawkins, Jake Stevensen, Michael Walburger85- Brandon Relf86- Dallas Dorton, Ryan Edvalson, Steven Warnick
Did Not Qualify87- Andrew Howe, (First alternate), Scott Scharman (Second alternate), Aaron Yeates, Adam Roach88- Daniel Nelson, Shaun Healy, Joshua Jensen, Niel Townsend89- Brian Lever, Douglas Grooms, Mike Madsen90- Jeremy Wilson, Kyle Roberts, Jeff Clifford91- Frankie Day, Shawn Bandley, Aaron Gibbs, Corwyn Smith, Adam Snyder, Brian Moore92- Brandon Staley, Ty Kidman93- Tyson Wagner, Derek Peterson, Reese Richards, Rustyn Smith, Charles Seifert, Jake Kuresa, Jorge Sagastume, Jeffrey Semrad94- Carson Huiskamp, Ryan Bangerter, Trent Smith97- Bryan Nordoff, Kade Smith, Lance Duffin98- David Bennett, David Denning99- Brandon Ballif101- Christopher Walters106- Brent MorrillDQ- Bryan Dunlop, Parker Davidson, Jordon OvertonNS- Scott GourleyWD- Jared Wolfgramm, JT Young, Neill Hopkins, Steve Hardy, Spencer Smith, Brett Wright, Mike Hokanson, Chris Hanks