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You Would Have Guessed It! Poulson Wins Bountiful Ridge Senior Am

If you had only one guess who would win the Bountiful Ridge Senior Am you would have guessed right. Yep, Steve Poulson playing on his home course.
Poulson shot a four under par 68 to win the title by two shots over Mark Madsen and Todd Kartchner. The tournament attracted a field of many of Utah’s top senior players and a tgotal of 120 players, one of the largest senior tournaments of the year.
Someone in the field shot every number from 70 through 91 and the most popular number was 79 with ten players. The median score was 82.
Bountiful RidgeSenior Amateur Results68- Steve Poulson70- Karl Avant, Mark Madsen71- Todd Kartchner72- Eldon Richter, Elton Loy, Patrick Murphy, Tom Hardy73- Bill Probst, Corey Ford, Dan Brown, Todd Barker74- Keith Olson, Mark Hatch, Mike O’Keefe, Rick Groendyke, Rob Bachman, Scott Blair, Thomas Pace75- Dave Gill, Kent Gressman, Robert Hancey, Vern Erickson76- Brett Samptson, Dennis Hepworth, Reese Richards, Russell Hook, Steve K. Holm, Ted Gressman, Terry Irons77- Craig Gardner, Jim Thomas, Keven Rutherford, Mike Holm, Patrick Waldram, Steve Nelson78- Allen Simkins, Dino Dawson, Doug Cornia, Edwin Erickson, Gary Schenck, Lester Perry, Robert Underwood79- Carlos Facholas, Gary Hensely, George Rackham, Jim Dowdy, Lynn Cameron, Michael Parkinson, Mike Jones, Patgrick Bergin, Rick McGuire, Shannon Harris80- Dixon Duncan, Gary Stewart, Jeff Campbell81- Bill Posell, Kerry Smith, Mike Hepworth, Roiger Kemp82- Gary Dahlquist, Pat Torres, Ray Unrath, Richard Herd, Robert Farrell, Rod McLean, Todd Adams83- David Bailey, Jeff Peterson, Kyle Walrath, Mark Gressman, Scott Madsen, Tom Hill84- Bret Riley, Kevin Owen, Ralph Butler, William Burk85- Greg Welding, Richard Tingey86- Barry Jessen, Brent Erskine, Chuck Goode, Dave Edmonds, Don Baxter, Gus Stribakos, Lee Boardman, Randy Browning, Shaun Houston87- Alen Henich, Brent Tidwell, Steve Kirk88- Lee Garner, Mark McIntyre, Stephen Hilton89- Dale Sumerix, Don Proctor, Michael Burnham, Scott Burt90- Dennis Fox, Doug Chadwick, Mark Bateman91- Chris Schwab, David Draper, Frank Cook93- Preston Atkinson94- Don Hill, Doug Park, Gordon Haycock, Mike McGuire, R. Smith96- Brent Willis, John Buhler97- Steve Goff98- Alen Bernstein, Kim Schenck99- Wayne Walth100- Donald BougeNC- Dannis Holder- James PollockWD- Gary Hatfield, Leland Slaughter, Ruben Escobedo

Merchandise Awards
Championship Flight
68- Steve Poulson
70- Mark Madsen
72- Tom Hardy, Patrick Murphy, Eldon Richter
73- Corey Ford, Bill Probst
74- Rob Bachman, Scott Blair, Rick Groendyke
67- Karl Avant, Todd Kartchner, Elton Loy
68- Danny Brown, Bob Hancey, Mike O’Keefe
69- Mark Hatch, Keith Olson, Tom Pace
70- Dave Gill, Dennis Hepworth
First Flight
76- Ted Gressman, Steve Holm, Jeremy Irons
78- Ed Erickson
79- George Rackham
81- Kerry Smith, Roger Kemp
82- Todd Adams, Pat Torres, Ray Unrath, Gary Dahlquist
62- Rick McGuire
65- Him Thomas
67- Steve Nelson
68- Shawn Houston
70- Ralph Butler, Robert Farrell, Bill Posell
71- Scott Madsen, Tom Hill, Breht Erskine