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2013 Utah Book of Golf Now Available for UGA Members

The 2013 Utah Book of Golf, published by the Utah Section of the PGA, is now available for UGA members to pick up at any Utah golf course.
Colby Cowan, President of the Utah Section of the PGA, said, “The Utah Book of Golf takes a lot of time and energy to publish and a lot of support from throughout the golf community. We are proud to publish the book annually, and we know it is a useful tool for all golfers,” he said.
UGA Executive Director Bill Walker said, “This is a valuable book published by the Utah PGA and we urge all our members to get to a golf course and pick up their copy before they are all gone.The book is a ‘must have’ for all Utah golfers.”
The book contains a month-by-month calendar of events and a directory for all golf courses in Utah. It also contains information regarding the USGA Handicap System and slope rating charts.It is also full of pertinent ads relating to the golf industry and offers special discounts to UGA members.
Most of the work in publishing the book rests on the shoulders of Scott Bringhurst, Marketing Director for the PGA. He gets a great deal of assistance from Garrit Johnson, the Art Director of Fairways Media.
This year’s cover picture is of The Ridge Golf Course, a new course designed by Gene Bates to replace West Ridge Golf Course. West Ridge was in the path of a new highway on the west side of the valley and so it became a victim of progress. The new course covers much of the same land, but all 18 holes are new. The course is scheduled to open on June 28th and will operate from the same clubhouse.