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Arizona-Utah Shootout Ends in Tie, 36-36; First Time in 22 Year History

For the first time in the 22-year history of the Arizona-Utah Shootout the matches ended in a 36-36 deadlock and thus Utah retains the trophy and maintains its one-up lead in the series, 11-10-1.
The Shootout came down to the final match of the day featuring Dan Horner of Utah and Camron Howell of Arizona and Horner won the two points his team needed for the tie.
Through strong performances in the early matches of the day Utah overcame a 19-17 first day deficit and held a comfortable lead until the final five matches of the day. Rookie Kevin Cannon of Arizona started the turnaround with a 3-0 shutout over Jeff Jolley. Utah’s veteran Kirk Siddens overcame that brief setback with a 3-0 triuimph of his own to put Utah back ahead by four points.
In a shocking upset Arizona’s Adam Walicki knocked off Utah’s Steve Poulson, 3-0, to pull within one point with just two matches left to play. Poulson, the leading individual scorer in the history of the Shootout, was having a great tournament, winning his foursome and four ball matches and a shutout was very unexpected. Trey Martin nearly shutout Utah State Amateur champion Jon Wright, 2 1/2 to 1/2, and that put Arizona up by one with just one match to play, and former Utah State Am champion Dan Horner garnered the necessary two points to stave off defeat and claim the tie.
Rookie Nick Drost played a big role in Utah earning a tie. He birdied eight and nine to come from behind  to win the front side of his match with Paige Peterson and then went on to garner all three points. He had teamed with Poulson in the four ball and foursome segments and ended up being the high point man of the trip, earning eight points out of a possible nine in his first appearance in The Shootout.
Status of Arizona-Utah Shootout scoring:End of day one: Arizona 19, Utah 17
Final day matches:Annette Gaiotti, U, def. Laura Moore, A, 3-0. Utah leads 20-19
Kylee Duede, A, def. Jean Labrie, U, 3-0. Arizona leads 22-20
Bill Probst, U, def. Murphy Mitchell, A, 2-1. Arizona leads 23-22
Todd Barker, U, def. Armen Dirtadian, A, 2 ½ – ½. Utah leads 24 ½ – 23 ½
Nick Drost, U, def. Paige Peterson, A, 3-0. Utah leads 27 ½ – 23 ½.
Christian Jensen, U, ties Pat Geare, A, 1 1/2 – 1 1/2. Utah leads 29-25
Brady Stanger, U, ties Grant Cesarek, A, 1 1/2 – 1 11/2. Utah leads 30 1/2 – 26 1/2
Kevin Cannon, A, def. Jeff Jolley, U, 3-0, Utah leads 30 1/2 – 29 1/2
Kirk Siddens, U, def. Tom Sweigart, A, 3-0. Utah leads 33 1/2 – 29 1/2
Adam Walicki, A, def. Steve Poulson, U, 3-0. Utah leads 33 1/2 – 32 1/2
Trey Martin, A, def. Jon Wright, U, 2 1/2 – 1/2, Arizona leads 35-34
Dan Horner, U, def. Camron Howell, A, 2-1. Score tied, 36-36