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Arizona-Utah Shootout Begins With Four-Ball, Foursome Segments Monday

The 2012 Utah-Arizona Shootout matches get underway Monday morning at the Karsten Golf Course in Tempe, Arizona with the four-ball segment in the morning and the foursome segment in the afternoon. Half of the points in the match will be determined in the first day. The second day consists of individual matches and that segment accounts for the other half of the total points available.
Utah leads in the series 11-10 by virtue of winning last year at Victory Ranch.
The matches begin with the women from each team squaring off in the four-ball format. Utah’s veteran Annette Gaiotti has a rookie partner in Jean Labrie, but both women for Arizona are rookies to the Shootout, Laura Moore and Kylie Duede, however, they carry some strong credentials. How the women fare will be important to the overall outcome of the matches.
Utah has a very strong senior duo in UGA Senior Player of the Year Bill Probst and Utah Golf Hall of Famer Todd Barker. Arizona’s Armen Dirtadian is a proven product, but Murphy Mitchell is new to the Shootout.
Arizona and Utah are both fielding strong rosters in the At Large division. Utah’s Steve Poulson is the all-time leading individual scorer in The Shootout and will be partnering with Nick Drost, new to the Shootout. The Utah duos of Kirk Siddens-Jeff Jolley and Dan Horner-Christian Jensen are tested and strong. Jon Wright, new to the Shootout, is a veteran otherwise. He is the Utah State Am champion and a former professional. His partner is Brady Stanger who is making his first appearance in the Shootout.
Five of the Arizona At Large contingent played in The Shootout last year, Camron Howell, Grant Cesarek, Trey Martin, Patrick Geare, and Adam Walicki. Paige Petersen and Tom Sweigart have also played in The Shootout. The only rookie in the Arizona At Large group is Kevin Cannon.
Arizona-Utah Shootout MatchesKarsten Golf Course
Monday’s ScheduleFour-Ball Matches7:30- Annette Gaiotti-Jean Labrie (Utah) vs. Laura Moore-Kylie Duede (Arizona)7:40- Bill Probst-Todd Barker (Utah) vs. Armen Dirtadian-Murphy Mitchell (Arizona)7:50- Steve Poulson-Nick Drost (Utah) vs. Paige Petersen-Tom Sweigart (Arizona)8:00- Kirk Siddens-Jeff Jolley (Utah) vs. Pat Geare-Kevin Cannon (Arizona)8:10- Dan Horner-Christian Jensen (Utah) vs. Camron Howell-Trey Martin (Arizona)8:20- Brady Stanger-Jon Wright (Utah) vs. Adam Walicki-Grant Cesarek (Arizona)
Foursome Matches12:30- Annette Gaiotti-Jean Labrie (Utah) vs. Laura Moore-Kylie Duede (Arizona)12:38- Bill Probst-Todd Barker (Utah) vs. Armen Dirtadian-Murphy Mitchell (Arizona)12:46- Kirk Siddens-Jeff Jolley (Utah) vs. Paige Petersen-Tom Sweigart (Arizona)12:54- Steve Poulson-Nick Drost (Utah) vs. Pat Geare-Kevin Cannon (Arizona)1:02- Brady Stanger-Jon Wright (Utah) vs. Camron Howell-Trey Martin (Arizona)1:10- Dan Horner-Christian Jensen (Utah) vs. Adam Walicki-Grant Cesarek (Arizona)