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Arizona Tops Utah in Four-Ball Segment, 10 1/2 to 7 1/2

Arizona jumped off to a three point edge over Utah after the morning four-ball session of the Arizona-Utah Shootout at Karsten Golf Course Monday in Tempe, Arizona. The Arizonans put 10 ½ points on the scoreboard to just 7 ½ for the Utahns. The afternoon session will be played in the foursomes (alternating shot) format.
The Arizona women shutout the Utahns, 3-0, and the Arizona seniors beat the Utah seniors, 2 ½ to ½. In the At Large Division the Utahns closed the gap a bit thanks to two point victory margins by the duos of Steve Poulson-Nick Drost and Kirk Siddens-Jeff Jolley
The results were as follows:
Four-Ball Segment
Arizona 10 ½, Utah 7 ½
Laura Moore-Kylie Duede, A, def. Annette Gaiotti-Jean Labrie, U, 3-0Armen Dirtadian-Murphy Mitchell, A, def. Bill Probst-Todd Barker, U, 2 ½ – ½Steve Poulson-Nick Drost, U, def. Paige Petersen-Tom Sweigart, A, 2 ½ – ½Kirk Siddens-Jeff Jolley, U, def. Pat Geare-Kevin Cannon, A, 2 ½ – ½Cmaron Howell-Trey Martin, A, def. Dan Horner-Christian Jensen, 2 ½ – ½Brady Stanger-Jon Wright, U, tied Adam Walicki-Grant Cesarek, A, 1 ½ – 1 1/2