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Utahns Head to Arizona for 22nd Shootout With One Win Edge in Series

The 22nd annual Arizona-Utah Shootout will tee it up Monday and Tuesday at the Karsten Golf Course in Tempe, Arizona with Utah holding a slim 11-10 lead in the back and forth series. Utah won last year at Victory Ranch and is seeking its third straight win at Karsten.
During the first nine years of the matches the home team won every match with Utah breaking service in the tenth year at Pinnacle Peak Country Club in Tempe. Utah also won the next year which gave it a 3-up lead in the series and it remains the biggest advantage either team has held in the series.
Arizona won four straight matches from 2002 through 2005 which is the most consecutive wins for either side. Utah’s win last year at Victory Ranch ended six straight years of victories by the visiting team.
The 12-person teams consist of eight at large players, two seniors, and two women. The first day, Monday, includes foursomes and four-ball formats, and Tuesday is an individual format. The point system is different than the Ryder Cup in that each match is under the Nassau scoring system of a point for the front nine, a point for the back nine, and a point for the 18.
Utah has four rookies on this year’s squad, Utah State Amateur champion Jon Wright, Nick Drost, Brady Stanger, and Jean Labrie.
Arizona also has four rookies, including both women, Nicole Jones and Laura Moore, senior Murphy Mitchell, and at large player Kevin Cannon.
Utah’s Steve Poulson is the most veteran of the players, having played in ten Shootouts. Armen Dirtadian will be making his eighth appearance for Arizona.
Utah’s Todd Barker, who played in the original match 21 years ago, is returning to the competition after a nine year absence. It will be his first Shootout appearance as a senior. He was inducted into the Utah Golf Hall of Fame in the Class of 2011 along with Jay Don Blake and Dan Forsman.
The At Large players for Utah are Jon Wright, Christian Jensen, Dan Horner, Steve Poulson, Jeff Jolley, Nick Drost, Brady Stanger, and Kirk Siddens. The Utah seniors are Bill Probst and Todd Barker, and the women are Annette Gaiotti and Jean Labrie.
Arizona’s At Large players are Camron Howell, Patrick Geare, Tom Sweigart, Grant Cesarak, Kevin Cannon, Trey Martin, Paige Peterson, and Adam Walicki. The seniors are Armen Dirtadian and Murphy Mitchell and the women are Nicole Jones and Laura Moore.