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Stew Walz Nominated to UGA Board of Directors

(This is the second in a series of three articles spotlighting the nominees for positions on the UGA Board of Directors. Three UGA Board members have reached their by-law limits of nine years on the board and three new members have been nominated to fill those outgoing vacancies. The outgoing members are President Judy Allem, past president Bill Probst, and former treasurer Dave Dorton. Those nominated are Amy Mayberry of Bountiful Ridge, Stewart Walz of Hidden Valley Country Club, and Randy Hadfield of Alpine Country Club.)
Stew Walz is a member and former president of Hidden Valley Country Club and is an Assistant United States Attorney in the Criminal Division of the Utah District, a position he has held for 32 years.
He was born March 9, 1951 in Vermillion, South Dakota, graduated from South Dakota High School in 1969 and the University of South Dakota with a BA in history in 1973, cum laude. He went to Vanderbilt University Law School and graduated with high honors in 1976.
He moved to Utah in 1976 and joined Hidden Valley in 1983 and became its president in 1998.
During his years in the Attorney General’s office he received many honors and recognitions in the legal community, including instructing, lecturing, and writing about various aspects of law, including ethics, sentencing, securities, litigation, and evidence. He is highly regarded in legal circles and was recently presented with an Exceptional Service Award by the National Association of Former United States Attorneys.
He is an avid golfer with a 4.6 handicap index, and his other varied interests keep it from coming down even lower. He has often played on the Hidden Valley eight-man teams and from time to time has played in various amateur tournaments in the area. He loves skiing and was a ski instructor at the Snowbird Ski School for 16 years. He coached junior soccer for several years. He was married and divorced and has a daughter, Ashley Marie.