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Talons Cove Wins UGA 4-Man Team Title, Fore Lakes Wins Senior and Bountiful Ridge Wins Women’s

Talons Cove won the UGA 4-Man Team Championship this past weekend in Moab while Fore Lakes captured the senior title and Bountiful Ridge won the women’s division. Talons Cove also won the UGA 8-Man Team title earlier this month.
Dan Horner was the individual medalsist with two under par 142 on rounds of 73-69. The low senior score was again posted by Bill Probst with rounds of 74-71-145, and Tara Rhodes won the women’s championship with rounds of 82-81-163.
The weather was very good the second day, but the first day was marred by rain and hail that caused several hours of delay.
UGA 4-Man TeamMen’s Team Scores434- Talons Cove, 222-212442- Mountain Dell, 226-216454- Wasatch, 230-224483- Moab, 243-240
Men’s Senior Scores450- Fore Lakes, 226-224457- Talons Cove, 234-223; East Bay, 230-227484- Glendale, 244-240
Women’s Team Scores
527- Bountiful Ridge, 265-262
535- Moab #1, 269-266
Men’s Individual Scores142- Dan Horner, 73-69143- Jeff Jolley, 74-69144- Ryan Brimley, 74-70145- Bill Probst, 74-71147- Pat Murphy, 75-72148- Kirk Siddens, 77-71; Steve Poulson, 76-72149- Ben Aquayo, 77-72; Corey Carter, 75-74; Scott Clark, 75-74150- Dale Thomas, 76-74; Kurt Jamison, 75-75151- Russell Hook, 75-76152- Todd Barker, 77-75153- Mike Hacker, 80-73; Brent Marriott, 79-74155- Jon Bridges, 80-75156- Scott Fairbanks, 75-81157- Karl Avant, 79-78; Jason Russo, 77-80158- Cale Hunt, 80-78159- David Boger, 77-82160- Dave Hedderman, 81-79; Bryan Witzel, 80-80; Scott Dickerson, 80-80; Jason Struck, 79-81
Senior Individual Scores145- Bill Probst, 74-71147- Pat Murphy, 75-72148- Steve Poulson, 76-72152- Todd Barker, 77-75153- Mike Hacker, 80-73; Brent Marriott, 79-74156- Scott Fairbanks, 75-81
Women’s Individual Scores163- Tora Rhodes, 82-81169- Carol Martin, 86-83174- Amy Mayberry, 84-90
Bountiful Ridge Team Score
Tara Rhodes, 82-81-163
Amy Mayberry, 84-90-174
Betty Bird, 99-91-190
Becky Byrd, WD-91