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Country Club Wins Senior 8-Man Title Over Alpine at Victory Ranch

The Country Club won the UGA Senior 8-Man Team Country Club championship by defeating Alpine, 21-15, in a match played at Victory Ranch.
Steve Brinton and Keith Olson of the Country Club swept their individual matches, 3-0, and Richard Miller gained a sweep of his match for Alpine.
The match between Ron Branca and Kurt Bernhisel of the Country Club and Steven Smith and Dan Parkinson of Alpine, ended in a tie, but the Country Club won two of the other three foursomes 8-1 that provided the victory margin.
The two teams advanced to the finals by winning their separate divisions.
The Country Club 21, Alpine CC 15
Ron Branca, CC, tied Steven Smith, A, 1.5-1.5Kurt Bernhisel, CC, def. Dan Parkinson, A, 2-14-Ball- Alpine, 2-1(Country Club 4.5, Alpine 4.5)
Steve Brinton, CC, def. Craig Peacock, A, 3-0Jim Tybur, CC, def. Rick Bodell, A, 2-14-Ball- Country Club, 3-0(Country Club 8, Alpine 1)
Keith Olson, CC, def. Dave Dorton, A, 3-0John Anderson, CC, def. Kurt Nielsen, A, 2.5-.54-Ball- Country Club, 2.5-.5(Country Club 8-1)
Richard Miller, A, def. Charles Culp, CC, 3-0Brad Cattermole, A, def. Jim Gaddis, CC, 2.5-.54-Ball- Alpine, 3-0(Alpine, 8.5, Country Club, .5)