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Bonneville Wins UGA Senior 8-Man Team Title Over Schneiter’s Bluff

(The UGA 8-Man Team format is in match play format. Each team has four foursomes and within the foursomes there are two individual matches and one concurrent four-ball match with a point for the front side, a point for the back, and a point for the 18. There are nine points possible in each foursome group and 36 points possible for the team. It takes 18 and a half points to win the match.)
Bonneville won the UGA Senior Public Links 8-Man Team Championship by defeating Schneiter’s Bluff in the championship match, 21-15, at Wingpointe Golf Course. Bonneville lost in the finals last year to Wasatch, but won it in 2010. They also won it in 2006.
Rick Lloyd, Ken Sowby, Richard Dibblee and Doug Tingey each swept their individual matches and Jeff Powars was the only individual to sweep points for Schneiter’s Bluff.
To get to the finals Bonneville edged East Bay in the opening round by a mere one point, 18.5-17.5, and then got past The Barn in the semifinals, 22-14.
Schneiter’s Bluff won its first round match, 27-9, over Glenmoor; and then reached the finals by thumping Talons Cove, 29.5-6.5.
Bonneville’s team for the championship match consisted of Lloyd, Sowby, Dibblee, Tingey, and Craig Wilson, Mark Madsen, Steve Latimer, and Todd Morgan.  Ron Bell and Dennis Shafer also  played on the team during the regular season and playoffs.
Team members in the championship match for Schneiter’s Bluff were Jon Schneiter, Jeff Powars, Kelly Goodsell, Gary Schenck, Greg Stimpson, Jeff Hoye, Jack Rupe, and Steve Kirk. Other team members during the playoffs were Jeff Everts, Troy Garcia, and Ken Cromwell.
Championship Match
Bonneville 21, Schneiter’s Bluff 15
Craig Wilson, B, def. Jon Schneiter, SB, 2-1
Rick Lloyd, B, def. Kelly Goodsell, SB, 3-0
4-Ball- Bonneville, 3-0 (Bonneville, 8-1)
Jeff Powars, SB, def. Mark Madsen, B, 3-0
Richard Dibblee, B, def. Gary Schenck, SB, 3-0
4-Ball- Schneiter’s Bluff, 3-0 (Sch. Bluff, 6-3)
Greg Stimpson, SB, def. Steve Latimer, B, 2-1
Jeff Hoye, SB, def. Todd Morgan, B, 2.5-.5
4-Ball- Schneiter’s Bluff, 2.5-.5 (Bonneville, 5-4)
Ken Sowby, B, def. Jack Rupe, SB, 3-0
Doug Tingey, B, def. Steve Kirk, SB, 3-0
4-Ball- Bonneville, 2.5-.5 (Bonneville, 8.5-.5)

UGA Public Links 8-Man Team Championships
Senior Division Playoff Results
Bonneville def. East Bay, 18.5-17.5
The Barn def. Stonebridge, 21-15
Talons Cove def. Park City, 22.5-13.5
Schneiter’s Bluff def. Glenmoor, 27-9
Bonneville def. The Barn, 22-14
Schneiter’s Bluff def. Talons Cove, 29.5-6.5
Bonneville def. Schneiter’s Bluff, 21-15