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Talons Cove Open After Volunteers Help Clean Up Mudslide

Talons Cove Golf Course suffered some serious damage as result of a heavy rainstorm Saturday night shortly after the conclusion of the Talons Cove Amateur, but General Manager Steve Watts reported this morning that due to many volunteer hours of cleanup the course is now open again for public play.
“We are very grateful for the many loyal golfers and Saratoga Springs neighbors who have voluntarily helped us clean up the mess,” said Watts. “It’s really heart-warming to see how friends help friends during times of trouble.”
He also singled out Superintendent Ryan Huntington and Eric Jones of the Talons Cove maintenance crew for many hours of extra work this past week and for the ongoing repairs that will be necessary because of the storm.
Previous fires had left the mountainside above the golf course barren of vegetation and the rainstorm caused an avalanche of mud to come across Redwood Road and onto the golf course. The mud covered the parts of the first and third holes and advanced to the driving range and into the cart staging area, the practice putting green, and the ninth green. The entire back nine was unaffected.
Volunteers have been scooping mud off the damaged areas and play is now open.
Mud will still affect play on fairways one, three, and nine. The driving range will be closed for several more days. The ninth hole is open with a temporary green, but will be back to normal by Friday. The lower practice putting green will open on Friday, but the practice green by the driving range is open.
Of course, Talons Cove isn’t out of the woods yet. Until some reclamation takes place on the mountainside the mudslides will probably continue with each heavy rain.