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Negotiations Continue on Wingpointe Lease

According to an article in the Salt Lake Tribune negotiations between Salt Lake City and the Federal Aviation Administration regarding Wingpointe Golf Course are still not settled.
The article can be found by going to this link:
The article also pointed out that there were 58,300 nine-hole rounds played per fiscal years 2009-2011at Wingpointe and that the average income per fiscal year is $1.2 million. Costs were $141,000 over income in 2011.
Correction to story
Dave Terry, Director of Golf at Salt Lake City, advised us that some of the figures in the Salt Lake Tribune article were incorrect. He offered the following corrections:
Average nine-hole rounds for the 09-11 fiscal year were 62,213, not 58,300
Average gross revenue was $1,138,837, not $1,200,000
Net income was $60,744, not $141,000
Average net income was $34,850.