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Drew Overtakes Fielding to Win Utah Open Title

It looked like another delightful day at Oakridge Country Club for Dusty Fielding at the Utah Open. He shot bogey free golf the first two days in posting back-to-back 65s and had a two shot cushion going into the final round. Everything was going perfectly and he was methodically progressing hole-by-hole to his first ever win as a professional. He was four under after six holes and settled into routine pars without anyone closing the gap.
Things started changing when James Drew, playing in the group in front of him, eagled the 11th hole and birdied the 12th hole to cut Fielding’s lead to an uncomfortable one shot. Drew bogeyed the 13th, but Fielding gave up his first bogey of the tournament on the 14th to return it to a one stroke lead.
They both birdied the par five 16th hole and then Drew sank a long breaking putt on Oakridge’s most dangerous 17th green to move even with Fielding.
Watching from the 18th tee Fielding saw Drew make another long putt for birdie on the 18th hole which forced Fielding into birdie to tie situation. His tee shot was wide right into a far removed fairway bunker, and his bunker shot didn’t reach the green. He got up and down for only his second bogey of the tournament, but it was two shots short of winning his first professional championship.
Drew, who hails from Las Vegas, and Fielding, along with Tony and Gipper Finau, Nick Killpack, Clay Ogden, and several other Utah pros, have gained great experience on Golfweek’s National Pro Golfers Tour, not only playing experience, but business experience. The experience has certainly improved their games, but not their wallets. The tour has quit operations and as of yet hasn’t paid the players.
At the Seigfried-Jensen Utah Open under the management of the Utah Section of the PGA, Drew actually drew a pay check, of $20,000.
2012 Utah Open
Oakridge Country Club
Final Standings
197- James Drew, 67-66-64
199- Dusty Fielding, 65-65-69
201- Zach Johnson, 67-67-67; Luke Swilor, 72-63-66; Tony Finau, 65-70-66; J.B. Sneve, 68-67-66
202- Ryan Hogue, 66-71-65; Kane Webber, 69-65-68; Steve Schneiter, 70-63-69
203- Nick Killpack, 66-72-65; Anthony Verna, 68-70-65; Zenon Brown, 64-71-68; Michael Henderson, 68-67-68; Gipper Finau, 65-67-71
204- Zahkai Brown, 70-70-64; Brad Besler, 67-67-70
205- Joe Summerhays, 71-70-64
206- Nicholas Mason, 68-72-66; Jeffrey Hamm, 69-71-66; Luke Symons, 73-67-66; John Shaw III, 74-65-67; Todd Demsey, 72-67-67; Tyler Weworski, 71-68-67; Clay Ogden, 70-68-68; Dustin Pimm, 70-67-69; Adrian Wadey, 71-66-69; Blake Moore, 69-68-69; Zac Blair-a, 67-67-72
207- Drew Scott, 70-70-67; Shawn Edwards, 73-66-68; Jacob O’Keefe, 70-69-68; Dustin Volk, 70-68-69; Robert Kalinoski, 69-69-69; Matt Baird, 67-71-69; Mark Owen, 68-69-70
208- Justin Keiley, 71-68-69; Matt Montez, 68-69-71
209- Mike Weir, 70-69-70; Casey Fowles, 68-71-70; Pete Stone, 70-69-70; Nathan Page, 70-68-71; Derek Tolan, 64-69-76
210- Doug Garwood, 72-69-69; Brian Pouty, 69-69-72
211- Drew Stolz, 71-71-69; Mason Casper-a, 69-70-72; Ryan Thomas, 70-66-75
212- Pat Grady, 70-72-70; Tele Wightman, 68-74-70; Boyd Summerhays, 71-70-71; Mitch Carlson, 72-69-71; Chris Moody, 70-70-72; Tommy Sharp, 70-70-72; Daniel Miernicki, 70-70-72
213- Jeff Thomsen, 73-69-71; Eddie Olson, 76-66-71; Jim Carson, 72-69-72
215- Anthony Aguilar, 71-69-75
216- Scott Smith, 71-71-74
219- Derek Butts, 69-73-77