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Utah-Arizona Shootout Set Late October at Karsten Course in Tempe

The Utah-Arizona Shootout will be held October 21-23 at the ASU Karsten Golf Course in Tempe, Arizona. This will be the 22nd annual match between the two states. Last year’s match was won by Utah at Victory Ranch and gave Utah an 11-10 edge in the series.
Each team consists of eight at large players, two seniors, and two women. The format includes four-ball matches, alternating shot matches and individual matches.
This year’s Utah team will be selected after the UGA Tournament of Champions based on individual standings in the respective Player Performance Rankings, but excludes college golfers and junior players. NCAA rules prohibit college golfers from competing on any other team during the school year.
The UGA Player Performance Rankings (PPR) are currently being led by players who are ineligible to compete on the team, except for the Senior PPR. Bill Probst is a big leader in the Senior PPR and is probably a lock for a spot on the team. Pat Murphy is in good position to earn the second senior spot, but could be overtaken by Todd Barker, Brent Marriott, or even Craig Woodward.
The Women’s PPR is dominated by junior players and collegians. Annette Gaiotti appears to have a spot assured, with Karen Killpack or Julie McMullin in the second spot.
Zac Blair leads the Men’s PPR, but is ineligible. The next three spots include Christian Jensen, Jon Wright, and Dan Horner who appear to be locks for the team. If the rankings stay the same through the Tournament of Champions the other team members would be Steve Poulson, Jeff Jolley, Darrin Overson, Brady Stanger, and Jared Overton with Kirk Siddens and Greg Wojtkin within reach of shaking up the lineup.