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Utah Open Begins Friday, Should Be Great Spectator Event

The 54-hole Siegfried-Jensen Utah Open begins Friday and concludes Sunday at the Oakridge Country Club and a very strong field will be competing for the crown currently held by Clay Ogden who only lives a few miles from the course and has his sights set on repeating. Ogden also won the title in 2007 and is the only two-time winner in the past 25 years. It’s been more than 60 years since there has been a three-time winner. The field is full of wonderful players and this should be a great spectator event. There is no charge for admission and it is chance to see some of the best golfers in America.
Ogden, a former USGA National Public Links Champion, tees off in the afternoon at 1:50 with former Utah Open and Utah State Am champion Jimmy Blair and former State Am champion Brett Wayment.
For certain the most noted player in the field is former Masters champion and Utah Golf Hall of Famer Mike Weir. He tees off Friday at 8:50 with one of his closest friends and former BYU teammate Ryan Rhees and Matt Johnson.
Weir has exempt status on much of the European Tour and has played sparingly on the PGA Tour on a sponsor invited basis. His game has not recovered to prime since his elbow injury several years ago, but he is still playing well enough to be a major factor in the Utah Open.
Utahns who have been playing often on Golfweek’s National Pro Golf Tour include Clay Ogden, Tony Finau at 8:50, Dusty Fielding at 8:20, and Dustin Pimm at 8:00.
Past Utah Open champions in the field in addition to Ogden and Blair are Nick Mason, Nathan Lashley, Pete Stone, Boyd Summerhays, and Mike Malaska who won it as an amateur way back in 1974, 37 years ago. Malaska has become a noted teacher and has been listed on the nation’s top 100 teaching professionals for several years.
There are nine former State Am champions in the field including both Jimmy and Zac Blair. The tee times for the former amateur champions are as follows: Tommy Sharp at 7:30, Steve Schneiter at 8:40, Tony Finau at 8:50, Zac Blair at 9:00, Jeff Evans at 1:00, Dan Horner at 1:20, Don Branca, Jimmy Blair, and Brett Wayment at 1:50.
14-year-old Rhett Rasmussen is the youngest in the field and tees off at 8:30.
Fathers and sons include Jimmy and Zac Blair, Brad and Pete Stone, and Bobby and Mason Casper.
Brothers include Ron and Don Branca, Clay and Cole Ogden, Tony and Gipper Finau, Steve and Gary Schneiter, and cousins Joe and Boyd Summerhays.
Popular sportscaster Rod Zundel is in the first group of the day along with tournament sponsors Ned Siegfried and Mitch Jensen.
Utah Open Tee Times
Friday, August 24th
Oakridge Country Club
Morning session
7:30 AM 1 Ned Siegfried (a), Mitch Jensen (a), Rod Zundel (a)
7:30 AM 10 Tele Wightman (p), Tommy Sharp (p), Jeff Cliften (p)
7:40 AM 1 Tua Tui (a), Zach Pritchard (a), Justin Shluker (a)
7:40 AM 10 Mark Boggs (p), Chris Marx (p), Johnathon Ward (p)
7:50 AM 1 Nick Drost (a), Curtis Cook (a), Cole Ogden (a)
7:50 AM 10 Todd Tanner (p), Dustin Volk (p), Mark Owen (p)
8:00 AM 1 Jeff Thomsen (p), Adrian Wadey (p), Scott Smith (p)
8:00 AM 10 Casey Fowles (p), Dustin Pimm (p), Pete Stone (p)
8:10 AM 1 Brad Stone (p), Mike Malaska (p), Roy Christensen (p)
8:10 AM 10 Jon Paupore (p), Doug Brown (p), Keith LaCome (p)
8:20 AM 1 Nick Carter (p), Devin Daniels (p), John Shaw III (p)
8:20 AM 10 Dusty Fielding (p), Bob Casper (p), Brad Besler (p)
8:30 AM 1 Gary Knight (a), Dane Jensen (a), Gary Brockbank (a)
8:30 AM 10 Cj Lee (a), Rhett Rasmussen (a), Ryan Lowe (a)
8:40 AM 1 Zahkai Brown (p), Pat Grady (p), Chadd Cocco (p)
8:40 AM 10 Nathan Lashley (p), Stephen Schneiter (p), Derek Tolan (p)
8:50 AM 1 Matthew Johnson (p), Ryan Rhees (p), Mike Weir (p)
8:50 AM 10 Nicholas Mason (p), Jerry Sneve (p), Tony Finau (p)
9:00 AM 1 McCoy Willey (a), Devon Purser (a), Zac Blair (a)
9:00 AM 10 Wade Olsen (p), Ryan Kartchner (p), Brent Moyes (p)
9:10 AM 1 James Drew (p), Zenon Brown (p), Ryan Ellis (p)
9:10 AM 10 Stephen Archibald (a), Greg Wojtkun (a), Jake Solomon (a)
9:20 AM 1 Joseph DeLuca (p), Cody Pughe (p), Brett Watson (p)
9:20 AM 10 John Abendroth (p), Ronald Branca (p), David DeSantis (p)
9:30 AM 1 Brandon Bair (p), Ryan Thomas (p), Alex Ching (p)
9:30 AM 10 Matt Montez (p), Derek Butts (p), Gipper Finau (p)
Afternoon session
12:30 PM 1 Jonathan Pannone (p), Jeffrey Hamm (p), Ryan Hogue (p)
12:30 PM 10 Tyler Weworski (p), Anthony Verna (p), Jacob O’Keefe (p)
12:40 PM 1 Patrick Denney (p), Quentin Sasser (p), Cody Lopez (p)
12:40 PM 10 Luke Martin (p), Eric Kleven (p), Todd Meyer (p)
12:50 PM 1 Tracy Zobell (p), Corey Badger (p), Tony McQuivey (p)
12:50 PM 10 Nick Micek (p), Luke Swilor (p), Mike Borich (p)
1:00 PM 1 Jeff Evans (a), Mason Casper (a), Justin Keiley (a)
1:00 PM 10 Brian Prouty (p), Nathan Page (p), Luke Symons (p)
1:10 PM 1 Eddie Olson (p), Daniel Miernicki (p), Kane Webber (p)
1:10 PM 10 Doug Garwood (p), Kim Thompson (p), Todd Demsey (p)
1:20 PM 1 Dan Horner (a), Christian Jensen (a), Scott Fairbanks (a)
1:20 PM 10 Scott Brandt (p), Kean Ridd (p), Henry White (p)
1:30 PM 1 Drew Scott (p), Anthony Aguilar (p), Matt Baird (p)
1:30 PM 10 Jeremy Miller (p), Stacey Camacho (p), Jeremy Green (p)
1:40 PM 1 Dave Loughton (p), Colby Cowan (p), Clint Melling (p)
1:40 PM 10 Chris Moody (p), Nick Killpack (p), Zach Johnson (p)
1:50 PM 1 Eric Nielsen (p), Don Branca (p), Shawn Edwards (p)
1:50 PM 10 James Blair (p), Clay Ogden (p), Brett Wayment (p)
2:00 PM 1 Blake Moore (p), Jeff Lyons (p), John Kostis (p)
2:00 PM 10 Jared Barnes (p), Joe Summerhays (p), Boyd Summerhays (p)
2:10 PM 1 Michael Henderson (p), Dino Giacomazzi Jr (p), Drew Stoltz (p)
2:10 PM 10 Chris Stover (p), Jeffrey John (p), Jordan Hammer (a)
2:20 PM 1 Troy Watkins (p), Chris Gresh (p), Ryan Colemere (p)
2:20 PM 10 Gary Schneiter (p), Tory Gatrell (p), Charles Class (p)
2:30 PM 1 Kevin Morrison (p), Neil Economy (p), Tyler Swensen (p)
2:30 PM 10 Jimmy Burnett (p), Mitch Carls