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Vasi, Hammer Win Titles at Green Spring Amateur

Afa Vasi and Craig Hammer each shot 64 in the Green Spring Amateur and won their respective divisions, Vasi in the Championship Division and Hammer in the Senior Division.
There was a good turnout for the tournament and the results showed that there are many top caliber players in both divisions.
Championship Flight
64- Afa Vasi
67- Kyle Chappel
68- Stephen Archibald, Christian Jensen, Steve McCurdy
71- Jed Milne, Dallon Murdock
72- Kelly Peterson, Kevin Soderquist
73- Bruce Bailey, Randy Davis, Taylor Schone
74- Austin Anderson, Ryan Bolton, Bill Hansen, Andrew Huff, Trevor Johnson, Ryan Kramer, Eric Moore, Steve Simister
76- Michael Sweet, Harold Wallace, Tyler Winona
77- Caden Hamill, Russ Newby, Elliott Owens, Tyson Tanner
78- Justin Bateman, Jason Green, Darrell Larsen, Jim Terry
79- Chris Matthews
80- Andy Palmer, Larry Ricketts, Griffin Schone
81- Ben Jorgensen, Mike Keetch, Andre Sparks
82- Adam Milne
83- Kirt Alberts, Cole Dixon
84- Richard Church, Smokey Osborn
85- Martin Anderson, William Merrill
86- Eric Alberts, Wally Ritchie, Ryan Turman, Tiny Turnbeaugh
87- Jerry Mitchell, Braxton Williams
88- Taylor Yardley
89- Shane Parashonts, Layton Whited, Jerico Winkel
91- Kade Boyer
93- Adam Miller, Ben Shakespeare
94- Ethan Anderson
102- Parker Daniel
NC- Scott Lee, Jared Mosher, Chad Schone
Senior Division
64- Craig Hammer
65- Greg Littlepage
68- Mike Hacker
69- Larry Williams
70- Robert Evans, Rick Lukas
71- John McArthur
75- Alafuna Faapuna
76- Marty Becker, Dave Thompson
80- Kenny Nielson
81- Cody Clark
82- Mark Owen, Ken Talley
83- Dave Fowles, Scott Ogaard
86- Richard Wolfe
88- Chris Darden
92- Lynn Christensen
NC- Eric Anderson