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Suzy and Jim Dowdy Have Aces in Spades

When Suzy Dowdy hit a hole-in-one during her regular Wednesday Women’s League at Nibley Park it was kind of fun. She used an 8-iron on the 105 yard par three third hole and when it went in the hole there was the usual jumping for glee that accompanies every hole-in-one.
It was her second hole-in-one, (more about that later) but still everyone was happy for her. The gals in the league always gather in the clubhouse after their rounds and of course, keeping with tradition, Suzy bought drinks for everyone. (What a crazy tradition! Why isn’t it the other way around?)
The next week the gals gathered again for their Wednesday round and there was still some kibitzing about her hole-in-one, but more a passing mention than anything. That was a thing of the past and it was fun while it lasted.
Then on the eighth hole, a 150 yard par three, she pulled out her trusty nine-wood and hit it in the hole for another ace. Now imagine the jubilee—and the cost of the drinks just went up!
Last week the girls in the league had a formal celebration. Suzy is the vice-president of the group, but now is also “The Acer!” and has a crown to prove it.
She started golfing about eight years ago in an effort to keep close to her golf addicted husband Jim. She began as a 35 handicap and is now down to a 14 and Suzy and Jim are more than a couple now—they are golf buddies.
How rare are back-to-back aces like that? There is no record keeping of such things, but they are very rare. Her first ace came on the third hole of her nine-hole round at Nibley. She golfed at a couple of other courses  with her husband during the weekend, and then hit her second ace on the eighth hole at Nibley. Had Nibley been an 18-hole course and her round uninterrupted it would have been two aces in one round, which is extremely rare.
However, for the record, Dorie Davis of Oakridge Country Club, more than 20 years ago, sank an ace on Oakridge’s 5th hole, and then sank another ace on her next par three hole, which was the 13th hole.  That stands as the Utah record, but Suzy’s two aces are extremely rare.
Now for a bit about Suzy’s first hole-in-one.  Three years ago Suzy and Jim were golfing at The Hideout when Suzy made her first hole-in-one on the seventh hole. One year later, on their annual trip to the Moab area, Jim made a hole-in-one at the 11th hole at The Hideout. So between the two of them they aced the 7th and 11th holes on consecutive rounds played at that course.
For the record, Suzy and Jim are now tied in aces, they each have three. You could say they have Aces in Spades.