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Mack Christensen, Forest Dale Pro, Featured in Tribune Story

Forest Dale golf professional Mack Christensen was the subject of an interesting article in the Salt Lake Tribune written by veteran writer Tom Wharton. It is good reading and can be read at
Mack was one of the state’s top amateurs and in 1981, at the age of 28, he turned professional and his first job was as the assistant professional at Forest Dale Golf Course—-and he’s been there ever since. That’s 31 years and still going strong. He had double duty for ten of those years. He served as head professional at both Forest Dale and Bonneville for six years and another four years as head professional at both Forest Dale and Nibley. Now he’s alone with Forest Dale and loving it.
Whenever anyone calls Forest Dale and gets through the automatic preludes to a real person the phone is always answered by “Forest Dale, this is Mack.” No one else ever seems to answer the phone. He seems to run the place by himself. Answering the phone by saying “This is Mack” has really become redundant. Who else could it be?
As an amateur he won many of the area tournaments at least once but never won the granddaddy of them all, the Utah State Am. He reached the finals in 1975 at The Country Club, but was defeated by his former Highland High teammate, Don Branca. He reached match play eight times and the quarterfinals three times.