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UGA Senior Match Play Advances to Quarterfinals

Bill Probst, the leader of the UGA Senior Player Performance standings, inched his way into the quarterfinals of the UGA Senior Match Play with a 2 and 1 win over Steve Fryer and a win over Russell Hook that took an extra hole to get the job done. Probst will be facing Dan Rappleye in one quarterfinal match. Rappleye upset Brent Marriott in the round of 16. The tournament is being played at Valley View Golf Course and the finals will be Friday.
Other quarterfinal matches will pit Rob Bachman against Paul Cannon, Mike O’Keefe against Karl Avant, and Todd Barker against Patrick Murphy.
Medalist Al Simkins coasted to the quarterfinals in the Super Senior Division with an 8 and 6 win over Bob Motzkus. Simkins, who shot a 69 qualifying score, will face William Reed in the quarterfinals Thursday morning.
Other Super Senior quarterfinal matches will pit John Taylor against Brent Tidwell, Dave Fischer against Dave Hansen, and Heber Jacobsen against Jim Jensen. All three matches are toss ups.
UGA Senior Match Play
Senior Division
Round of 32
Bill Probst def. Steve Fryer, 2 and 1
Russell Hook def. Bob Underwood, 7 and 6
Brent Marriott def. Brent Fenstermaker, 2 and 1
Dan Rappleye def. Kevin Pyle, 2 and 1
Rob Bachman def. Bevan Killpack, 4 and 2
Mark Madsen def. Rick Groendyke, 1-up
Rick Lloyd def. Dan Parkinson, 4 and 2
Paul Cannon def. Brad Cattermole, 5 and 4
Jim Kane def. Ben Maddox, 3 and 2
Mike O’Keefe def. Bill Pizza, 1-up
Mike Hacker def. Stew Walz, 6 and 4
Karl Avant def. Ruben Escobedo, 3 and 2
Todd Barker def. Mark Hatch, 5 and 3
Mike Green def. Robert Crawford, 1-up
Lester Perry def. Eric Anderson, 1-up
Pat Murphy def. Chick Lignell, 3 and 2
Round of 16
Bill Probst def. Russell Hook, 19 holes
Dan Rappleye def. Brent Marriott, 3 and 2
Rob Bachman def. Mark Madsen, 5 and 3
Paul Cannon def. Rick Lloyd, 3 and 1
Mike O’Keefe def. Jim Kane, 3 and 2
Karl Avant def. Mike Hacker, 5 and 4
Pat Murphy def. Lester Perry, 4 and 2
7:30- Bill Probst vs. Dan Rappleye
7:37- Rob Bachman vs. Paul Cannon
7:44- Mike O’Keefe vs. Karl Avant
7:51- Todd Barker vs. Patrick Murphy
Super Senior Championship
Round of 16
Brent Tidwell def. Paul Larsen, 5 and 4
John Taylor def. Allan Thomas, 20 holes
Dave Fischer def. Ron Clark, 8 and 6
Dave Hansen def. Doug Swendson
Al Simkins def. Bob Motzkus, 8 and 6
William Reed def. Jeff Campbell, 2 and 1
Heber Jacobsen def. Dave Edmonds, 3 and 2
Jim Jensen def. Greg Fraser, 6 and 4
7:58- Brent Tidwell vs. John Taylor
8:05- Dave Fischer vs. Dave Hansen
8:12- Al Simkins vs. William Reed
8:19- Heber Jacobsen vs. Jim Jensen
Net Division
Round of 16
Steve Bernstein def. Kerry Coop, 1-up
Al Krahenbuhl def. John Jay Bolinder, 6 and 5
Paul Auxier def. Bob Christensen, 3 and 1
Jason Tanner def. Lee Garner, 6 and 4
Gus Stribakos def. Randy Darrohn, 4 and 3
Doug Beck def. Ron Clark, 4 and 3
Bret Hancock def. Richard Wolfe, 4 and 3
Dennis Jones def. Von Coffman, 4 and 3
8:26- Steve Bernstein vs. Al Krahenbuhl
8:33- Paul Auxier vs. Jason Tanner
8:40- Gus Stribakus vs. Doug Beck
8:47- Bret Hancock vs. Dennis Jones