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Three UGA Board Members Share Medalist Honors in UGA Senior Match Play Championship

Bill Probst and Jim Kane, two UGA board members, each shot 71 on the difficult Valley View Golf Course to share medalist honors in the qualifying round of the UGA Match Play Championship, but that is just the first step in a grueling test that now turns to match play that includes a very strong, competitive field of 32 match play finalists.
Allen Simkins, an immediate past UGA board member, was medalist in the Senior Division with a three under par 69, and his first round opponent, Paul Larsen, the 16th qualifier, shot an 85, nearly a shot a hole behind Simkins. There were only seven players within ten shots of Simkins and so he is a heavy favorite to advance to the semifinals.
Matches are scheduled through the week and the finals in all divisions will be Friday.
UGA Senior Match Play Championship
Valley View Golf Course
Low 32 Qualifiers
71- Bill Probst, Jim Kane
72- Rick Lloyd, Todd Barker, Lester Perry, Rob Bachman
73- Ruben Escobedo, Mike Hacker, Brent Marriott, Kevin Pyle
74- Mike Hacker
75- Paul Cannon, Mark Madsen
76- Russell Hook, Robert Underwood, Bill Pizza, Michael O’Keefe, Mike Green
77- Rick Groendyke, Brad Cattermole, Robert Crawford, Chick Lignell
78- Brent Fenstermaker, Karl Avant, Dan Rappleye
79- Stew Walz
80- Eric Anderson, Steve Fryer, Ben Maddox, Mark Hatch, Bevan Killpack, Dan Parkinson
Did Not Advance
80- Terry Defa
81- Jesse Needles, Jong Bark
82- Brian Parcell, Kurt Bernhisel
84- Keith Olson, Terry Mamuzich
85- Scott Deakins
86- Richard Dibblee, Dave Tyler, Bryan Burk, Statt Berger
WD- Vern Ericksen, Kevin Owen
Wednesday’s Pairings
Senior Division
#1 Tee
7:30- Bill Probst vs. Steve Fryer
7:37- Robert Underwood vs. Russell Hook
7:44- Brent Marriott vs. Brent Fenstermaker
7:51- Kevin Pyle vs. Dan Rappleye
7:58- Rob Bachman vs. Bevan Killpack
8:05- Mark Madsen vs. Rick Groendyke
8:12- Rick Lloyd vs. Dan Parkinson
8:19- Paul Cannon, Brad Cattermole
8:26- Jim Kane vs. Ben Maddox
8:33- Bill Pizza vs. Mike O’Keefe
8:40- Mike Hacker vs. Stew Walz
8:47- Ruben Escobedo vs. Karl Avant
8:54- Todd Barker vs. Mark Hatch
9:01- Mike Green vs. Robert Crawford
9:08- Lester Perry vs. Eric Anderson
9:15- Pat Murphy vs. Chick Lignell
Super Senior Division
Low 16 Qualifiers
69- Al Simkins
74- Heber Jacobsen
75- David Fischer
76- Brent Tidwell, Jim Jensen, Dave Hansen
77- William Reed
80- John Taylor
81- Alan Thomas
82- Greg Fraser, Jeff Campbell
83- Doug Swendsen
84- Bob Motzkus, Ron Clark, Dave Edmonds
85- Paul Larsen
Did Not Advance
87- Robert Wood, J.D. McNeil, Sterling Larsen
88- Larry Reid
90- Peter VanOrman
97- Michael Johanson

Wednesday’s Pairings
Super Senior Division
#10 Tee

7:30 -Brent Tidwell vs. Paul Larsen7:37 -John Taylor vs. Allen Thomas7:44 -Dave Fischer vs. Ron Clark7:51 – Dave Hansen vs. Doug Swendsen      7:58 – Allen Simkins vs. Robert Motzkus8:05 – William Reed vs. Jeff Campbell8:12 – Heber Jacobsen vs. Dave Edmonds8:19 – Jim Jensen vs. Greg Fraser

Net Division
16 Low Qualifiers
67- Steve Bernstein
68- Randy Darrohn
70- Richard Wolfe
71- Bob Christensen
72- Lee Garner
73- Dennis Jones, John Jay Bolinder, Ron Clark
74- Al Krahenbuhl, Doug Beck
76- Jason Tanner, Von Coffman
77- Bret Hancock, Gus Stribakos, Paul Auxier
78- Kerry Coop

Did Not Qualify
78- Ken Webb, Todd Evanoff
80- Evert Lawton
81- Eric Walisky
82- David Ratliff
84- Scott Burt
WD- Val Cahoon

Wednesday’s Pairings
Net Division

#10 Tee                  8:26 -Steve Bernstein vs. Kerry Coop8:33 – Jay Bolinder vs. Al Krahenbuhl8:40 – Bob Christensen vs. Paul Auxier8:47 – Lee Garner vs. Jason Tanner                    8:54 – Randy Darrohn vs. Gus Stribakos9:01 – Ron Clark vs. Doug Beck9:08 – Richard Wolfe vs. Brent Hancock9:15 – Dennis Jones vs. Von Coffman