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Whatever Happened to ‘The Albatross’ Ball of Oosthuizen’s at This Year’s Mas

(The following story is going around the internet from the Masters Notebook by Terry Moore)
MASTERS NOTEBOOK: By Terry Moore=================================OK, what happened to the famed “albatross” ball of Louis Oosthuizenthat he tossed into the gallery surrounding the second hole at theMasters on Sunday? Well, as you have probably seen or read, it wascaught by Wayne Mitchell, 59, of New Tripoli, PA which is outsideAllentown. Vice-President of Air Products, Mitchell and his wife weretournament guests of an executive of Dow Chemical in Midland,Michigan. Along the rope line, they had been seated at the par-fivesecond hole since 10:00 a.m., patiently waiting over four hours forthe leaders to come through.After he caught the ball and placed it into his pocket, Mitchell waslater escorted by security and Augusta National members to ButlerCabin where he met Billy Payne, Augusta National’s Chairman. Asreported by several news outlets, including the Augusta Chronicle andThe Morning Call, Mitchell’s local newspaper in Bethlehem, PA,Mitchell gave the ball to the club for its archives located in theTrophy Room which includes the ball Gene Sarazen holed out with forhis iconic double eagle in 1935.As quoted in The Morning Call earlier this week, Mitchell said: “I’mnot a souvenir-grabber. For me, the ball clearly represented aspecial moment in history. Now, it’s in the hands of the club, whereit belongs.” Mitchell and the club declined to discuss details on theactual transaction.However, I’ve learned from a reliable source that in exchange for theball Mitchell was offered two Lifetime Passes to the Masters. Beforehappily accepting, Mitchell also asked Payne for one other request:the opportunity to play Augusta National. Payne said that could bearranged.That’s what I call a great catch: Lifetime passes to the Masterstopped off by a memorable round at Augusta National. So next yeardon’t be surprised to see patrons with catcher’s mitts.