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Hatfield Brothers Have 13 Aces Between Them! Are They Lucky or Good?

“It’s about time one of my brothers started picking up the slack. They’ve been pretty heavy,” was the comment Roger Hatfield made when he heard the news that his older brother Sherm had made his third hole-in-one this past Saturday. It came at Stonebridge on the third hole of the Sunrise Course in a 40 mile per hour wind.
“Can you imagine where that ball would have gone if there hadn’t been a 40 mile per hour wind to blow it in the hole?” Roger said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he was playing the Creekside course. Can you really count it as a hole-in-one if you’re playing a different course?
Roger Hatfield is the King of Aces in the Hatfield Clan. He has eight of them. Sherm now has three and youngest brother Gary, who happens to be much the better player, has only two, which bears out the belief that aces are more luck than talent. Still that’s 13 between them and that’s a lot of luck for a set of brothers that are otherwise known as Moe, Larry, and Curly.
When told that the UGA was interested in doing a news story about the 13 aces by one set of brothers Roger said, “Oh, that’s no big deal. They were all on par threes,” and then added, “if they would do their share we might become worthy of a story someday.”
In addition to eight aces Roger also has a double eagle. It came on the eighth hole at Mick Riley 12 years ago.
Sherm is a former president of the Utah Golf Association, a recipient of the UGA Gold Club Award, a veteran golf rules official, and is still an active volunteer for the organization.
Sherm is 71, Roger 69, and Gary 58, and so now that they’ve proven their luck maybe they can focus on shooting their age. Now that takes talent.
Holes in One by the Hatfield Brothers
1966- Roger Hatfield, Mountain Dell, #2
1967- Sherm Hatfield, Long View, Washington (with rental clubs)
1975- Roger Hatfield, Bonneville #18
1975- Sherm Hatfield, Mick Riley #2
1982- Gary Hatfield, Dixie Red Hills #2
1985- Roger Hatfield, Meadowbrook #6
1995- Roger Hatfield, Mick Riley #5
1995- Gary Hatfield, West Ridge #8 (State Am Qualifying)
1997- Roger Hatfield, Mountain View #8
2004- Roger Hatfield, Mountain View #8
2009- Roger Hatfield, Mountain View #2
2011- Roger Hatfield, Bountiful Ridge, #14
2012- Sherm Hatfield, Stonebridge on Sunrise #3