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Blair Wins Again! Now Stands Four-for-Four in Utah Tournaments

Zac Blair is four-for-four. He’s been to bat four times in Utah golf tournaments this year and he has won all four of them.
His latest triumph came at the Dixie Red Hills Amateur with an eight under par score of 61-67-128. He had a five stroke margin of victory over Kyle Chappell.
He opened the season with wins at the Coral Canyon Amateur and the St. George Amateur and each of those events Christian Jensen finished second, three back and five back.
Mason Casper came within one shot of Blair in the Sand Hollow Amateur, but Blair won with a score of 67-70-137.
In the four events Blair was three under at Coral Canyon, 16 under at St. George, seven under at Sand Hollow, and eight under at Dixie Red Hills. That’s a total of 34 under par for 72 holes of tournament play.

The only tournament he hasn’t played in was the UGA Winterchamps and that was won by Blair’s BYU teammate Cole Ogden. Blair was playing out-of-state with the Cougar team.
Dixie Red Hills Amateur
Gross Division
128- Zac Blair
133- Kyle Chappell
135- Afa Vasi
138- Brett Smith, Christian Jensen, Jordan Hammer
139- Mike Jurca, Bill Probst, Wes Butterfus
140- Justin Keiley
141- Jed Milne
143- Yoshi Suzuki
144- Trevor Johnson
145- David Cunningham, Matt McArthur, Scott Lee, Stephen Archibald
Net Division
126- Bob Payne
131- Aaron Cox
133- Doug Hunt, Brett Payne, Griffin Schone
134- Craig Dearden, Billy Foster