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Is This Golf or Pitch and Putt? Senior Tour Leader 18 Under Par After 36 Holes!

The leader of this week’s Champions Tour event at Twin Eagles in Naples, Florida is 18 under par after 36 holes.
His name doesn’t matter—it’s the score that counts. And all it counts for is evidence that the PGA Champions Tour is not golf, it’s pitch and putt.
It’s demeaning to the PGA senior tour and to the many quality players who deserve to play a course that has a reasonable level of difficulty.
That 18 under par score would be headline demanding, except that second place is 15 under par, and there are fully ten players that have birdied one/third of the holes played.
You have to go down 58 players deep to find the first player who didn’t beat par for 36 holes. The median score of players in the field was two under par. Fully half the field beat par.
Okay, Kenny Perry is the leader. He shot 64-62-126. Way to go Kenny!
Larry Mize shot 62-67-129. Good opening round Larry!
Dan Forsman and Jay Don Blake are tied for 11th place at nine under par 135. Forsman shot 69-66 and Blake posted 68-67.
Mike Reid is one under par but ranks 51st out of 78 players.
On the PGA Senior Tour birdie seems to be the new par and that isn’t fooling anyone. The courses are obviously not demanding enough.
A spectator might just as well watch them hit range balls and go home.
Wake up PGA Senior Tour! The alarm is ringing!