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Here Are Some ‘I Resolve’s’ to Consider for 2012

For avid golfers, or would be avid golfers, the New Year is a great time to make an introspection of your golf game and to make resolutions that will get you to where you want to be.
Here are some possible New Year Resolutions! They will not fit every golfer’s needs, but perhaps they will give you some ideas to help 2012 be a happier golf year for you. Each of us face different situations and golf has to find its proper place in the overall scheme of life for each of us. Pick the ones that fit.
I resolve to play more than last year.
I resolve to play at least once a week.
I resolve to post all my scores as the USGA Handicap System requires.
I resolve to join a men’s or women’s club and be an active member.
I resolve to play and or practice with my children and spouse.
I resolve not to play with my spouse.
I resolve to arrange a game with at least four friends I’ve been meaning to play with but never do.
I resolve to have a father and son or daughter golf outing.
I resolve to enter at least two tournaments that require an individual to post an actual score.
I resolve not to play in more than one scramble event.
I resolve not to play in anything but scrambles.
I resolve to accept presses, but to never press.
I resolve to cap my total betting liability to under $10 for any round of golf.
I resolve to faithfully keep track of my golf betting results and to quit betting when and if I exceed my yearly betting budget.
I resolve to practice five foot putts for 15 minutes prior to every round of golf.
I resolve to practice five foot putts from four different angles for at least a one hour session every week.
I resolve to take at least one video teaching lesson from a professional.
I resolve to be to all my tee times a half hour ahead of time.
I resolve to stay and socialize with my golfing friends for at least a half hour after every round of golf.
I resolve to organize a three-night golfing trip with my buddies.
I resolve to play at least three courses that I’ve never played.
I resolve to call Randy Dodson at Fairways Magazine (801-360-2440) and tell him what a great job they are doing with the magazine.
I resolve to volunteer to help at the USGA National Public Links Championship.
I resolve to encourage my golfing friends to join the UGA.
Take your pick, and have a great year.