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Happy New Year To All Utah Golfers

Happy New Year to all Utah golfers!
2011 is in the books! Now we open 2012 and this is what it will look like.
January- This is the planning month. This is the month we get our calendars out and schedule our golfing plans for the year. This is the month for re-energizing, for goal setting. This month off is good for our overall enthusiasm for the game. It allows us time to update our equipment, and buy new clubs or repair our old clubs and grips, and to prepare all the accessories that go along with the game. It is the month we determine the tournaments we are going to play in, and the men’s and women’s clubs we are going to affiliate with. This is the time for new resolutions, such as actually playing with friends who have talked about playing together for years.  This is also the month we should get serious about physical conditioning.
February- This is the month we are starting to itch for the game. It’s the month when we start thinking about practice, and about revamping our swings, or our putting strokes. It’s also a nice month to get away from the Wasatch Front and head on a golf trip with buddies. For some, this is the highlight of the year. Some settle for some weekend trips to St. George. Others plan four or five day trips to Arizona, Southern California, or Mexico. Some even head east to Florida.
March- Although the weather is still very sketchy, this is the month that we get serious about improving our game. When we evaluate every aspect of our swing. It’s a good time to take a lesson from a professional, or have our swing analyzed with the aid of videos. This is also the month for the UGA Winterchamps tournament in St. George. It is the opening of the tournament season for men, women, and seniors. About 400 golfers will gather in St. George for this annual competition.
April- This is the month of full return. The winter is over. Our games are rusty, but we are anxious to put new swing thoughts into action. This is the month men’s and women’s leagues begin in earnest. While spring weather can be bothersome it is the time we can actually put into practice the magical solutions we dreamed up during the winter. April is tournament preparation time.
May- Now it’s getting serious. This is the beginning of the crux of the season. We must start playing well consistently, and we must start playing three or four times a week if we intend to be competitive. Now is the month to bring our golf into peak form. Some of the best tournaments in the state are held in May, including the Provo Open, the United States Open qualifying, and the UGA Senior Match Play
June- This is the month of qualifying for the Utah State Amateur. More than 800 players will try to qualify in one of nine qualifying sites in hopes of getting a spot in the Oldest Continuously Held Tournament in the World. This is also the month of the early season top amateur tournaments around the state, including the Art City Amateur, the Salt Lake City Amateur, and UGA Senior Amateur.
July- This is always the biggest month of the year in Utah golf, but it is especially so this year. The Utah State Am is being played at the Salt Lake Country Club for the first time in 37 years. The Country Club hasn’t hosted the Utah State Am since Don Branca won the title there in 1975. About 150 of Utah’s best amateurs will test their skills on the magnificent course.
July will also be special this year because Soldier Hollow will host the USGA National Men’s Public Links Championship. This will mark the first time that Utah has hosted a USGA National Championship. Utah happens to be one of only three states that have not hosted a national championship, but this is the year we get that monkey off our back. Volunteers are needed for this event and anyone interested in helping is encouraged to do so by calling the UGA at 563-0400.
August- This is another big month in Utah golf. This year it starts with the Utah Senior Open in Toana Vista and the Women’s State Am in Logan. It concludes with the Utah Open at Oakridge CC.
September- This is the month when the competitive season nears an end and still provides some big challenges. The UGA holds two major events, the Mid-Am/Masters and the Tournament of Champions.
October- The Utah-Arizona Shootout will be held in Arizona this year. Utah holds an 11-10 edge in the traditional clash.
November- This month is the start of the cart cover and propane heater season. It used to be that winter was a time for reflection, but with cart covers and propane heaters we can play year round. That doesn’t mean we should. One of the beautiful things about Utah golf is that winter forces us to take a break, to rejuvenate, to pause and refocus.
December- This is a month of rest. Splendid time for shopping and celebrating the season.