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Seasons Greetings From the UGA Board of Directors

Best of Holiday Wishes from the UGA Board of Directors
On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Utah Golf Association I would like to wish our members, friends, allied associations; the PGA, the UWGA and the UJGA, and all of those who love and support the game of golf in Utah the happiest of Holidays and a great and successful New Year.  I would like to also extend my best wishes and congratulations to our fine UGA Staff.
Our small staff deserves a great deal of praise for the fine job it has done this year. Each one has done an amazing job in making sure that the past year ran smoothly. We are so proud of our new Executive Director, Bill Walker who stepped in with a great deal of knowledge and enthusiasm. He has inspired his staff with his energy. We are happy to have Lisa Imamura’s expertise as our Controller. She brings a great deal intuition and experience with women’s golf in Utah. Shauna Newren is a dedicated and longtime employee who is doing a great job as Office Manager. We are also happy to have the skills and youthful enthusiasm of Mike Branca as our Director of Tournaments and Competitions. As an intern and apprentice he certainly developed the desire and skills necessary to rise to this position. He has done a wonderful job this year. Jeremy Bates, sometimes quiet, always quick with a comment to make you laugh, has done amazing things as our Director of IT and Member Services. He is the guy with the electronic device in hand who can make all of the pieces of information come together. We are also pleased to welcome a new Boatwright Intern, Chris Richards who is finishing the term of Mr. Branca.   Kam Schneider, who is a part time staff member does a wonderful job with our Course Rating program.  UGA former Executive Director, Joe Watts continues his work and support of the UGA through his contributions as contract columnist for the UGA website.  The Board of Directors wishes the entire staff a very happy Holiday Season. 
We look forward to an exciting New Year at the UGA. We wish to extend an invitation to all of our dedicated members to join us again in 2012 for some great golf experiences! In order for our Championships to be successful, we depend on another group of outstanding people, our hard working Volunteers. We wish them a wonderful Holiday Season as well. Our volunteer rules officials as well as our course rating teams are essential elements in our many events. As we look forward to Utah’s first ever National Amateur Championship, the US Amateur Public Links Championship to be held at Soldier Hollow in the beautiful Heber Valley, we encourage all of our members to consider becoming a part of this great event by joining our volunteers the week of July 9-14, 2012. It will be an experience you will remember a lifetime.
And finally, we wish our media arm, Fairways Magazine led by President Randy Dodson, Marketing Director Mike Stansfield, and Art Director Garrit Johnson the very best for the Holiday Season. Thank you for your great coverage of our events. We look forward to an awesome 2012.
Best Wishes,
Judy Allem