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For Long Years of Service to UGA: Hats Off to Logan Golf and Country Club

Historical note: When Reed McGregor’s nine-year term on the UGA Board of Directors concluded last month it marked the end of an era—for the first time in the incorporated history of the Utah Golf Association there will not be a representative from the Logan Golf and Country Club on the UGA board.
The Utah Golf Association was incorporated in 1965 and one of the original signers of the incorporation papers was Steve Hayward of Logan Golf and Country Club. Since then a representative of the Logan Golf and Country Club has always been on the UGA Board of Directors. That’s 46 consecutive years that a member of the Logan Golf and Country Club has served on the UGA Board of Directors.
That long skein of service was interrupted at this year’s UGA Annual Meeting when Reed McGregor completed his nine years of service and was not replaced by another member from Logan Golf and CC.
During those consecutive 46 years there have been eight different board members represent Logan Golf and Country Club on the UGA Board. The chain began with Steve Hayward and included Pete Randall, Al Hansen, Mark Passey, Keith Hansen, Lee Samsel, Reed McGregor, and Linda Olsen.
Six of the eight also served as president of the UGA: Al Hansen served in 1972, Pete Randall in 1974-75; Mark Passey, 1985; Keith Hansen, 1990-91; Linda Olsen, 2007; and Reed McGregor, 2010.
Mark Passey also served as the UGA Executive Director for five years from 1985 to 1990.
That’s quite a record of service from Logan Golf and Country and the UGA extends its thanks to the club and the members who have contributed so unselfishly to Utah golf.
Footnote: Although not ever a member of Logan Golf and Country Club, another Loganite, Joe Watts, was also a member of the UGA board and served as its president in 1988 and also as UGA Executive Director for nearly 20 years. He grew up in Logan, was sports editor of the Herald Journal, and his family had a long time membership at the club and lived in a home adjacent to the course.