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Talons Cove Wins UGA 8-Man Public Links Title for Second Straight Year

Talons Cove won the UGA Public Links 8-Man Team championship for the second year in a row and this year it was a breeze. In the finals Talons Cove won or tied every match, compiling a 32 ½ to 4 ½ victory over Eagle Mountain in a match held at Victory Ranch.
Talons started the playoff with a 27-9 win over East Bay, then defeated Overlake, 26 ½ to 9 ½, and ousted South Mountain in the semifinals, 23 ½ to 12 ½, which was the closest anyone came to giving them a challenge.
The championship results were as follows:
Talons Cove 32 ½, Eagle Mountain 4 1/2
Scott Clark, T, def. Chris Marx, EM, 3-0; Rich Tripp, T, def. Danny Kettle, EM, 3-0; 4-Ball-Talons Cove, 3-0. (Talons Cove, 9-0)
Lance Richards, T, def. Kevin Peterson, EM, 2 ½-1/2; Paul Winterowd, T, def. Kirk Nielsen, EM, 2 ½-1/2. 4-Ball- Talons Cove, 2 ½-1/2. (Talons Cove, 6 ½-2 ½)
Jon Morgan, T, def. Craig Woodward, EM, 3-0; Jonathan Oetli, T, def. Bret Leichty, EM, 3-0; 4-Ball- Talons, 3-0. (Talons Cove, 9-0)
Jason Hargett, T, def. Ryan Pugsley, EM, 2-1; Luke Morgan, T, def. Brett Wagner, EM, 3-0. 4-Ball- Talons, 3-0. (Talons Cove 7-2)