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Alpine CC wins 8-Man Country Club Title

Willow Creek Country Club reached the finals of both the regular and senior divisions of the UGA 8-Man Team Country Club leagues, but went home empty-handed.
Alpine Country Club dethroned the perennial champions, 23-13, and Riverside Country Club won the Senior Division by a ‘skin of its teeth’ 19-17 margin.
The big point winners for Alpine Country Club were its one through four players Chris Jones, Brent Bryson, Grant Rowan, and Dan Dent.  They won 15 points between them and gave up only three. Mike Davis, Randy Hadfield, Dave Dorton, and Steve Sundloff comfortably protected that margin to ensure the team victory.
Riverside Country Club was sparked to victory by the duo of Doug Horne and Dave Mayberry who garnered all nine of their points. Willow Creek actually won the other three groupings, but not by enough margin to offset the Horne-Mayberry cushion.
That’s news because Willow Creek Country Club has dominated the regular division ever since the UGA re-organized the leagues 20 years ago.  
Does this mean the end of an era? Perhaps not. After all, Willow Creek did reach the finals and so let’s not declare their demise too soon.  However, this year brought a key change in the team roster. Rick Lloyd, Paul Cannon, and Rich Cook sold their memberships and are playing in the public links division, and Bill Pizza and Mike Weiler moved up to the senior division team.
Country Club Division
Alpine 23, Willow Creek 13
Chris Jones, A, def. Eric Nielsen, WC, 2-1
Brent Bryson, A, def. Paul Emfinger, WC, 2 ½ – ½
4-Ball- Alpine, 3-0
(Alpine, 7 ½-1 1/2)
Grant Rowan, A, def. Rob Gibbons, WC, 2-1
Dan Dent, A, def. Ryan Gibbons, WC, 2 ½ to ½
4-Ball- Alpine, 3-0
(Alpine, 7 ½ – 1½)
Mike Davis, A, def. Scott Anderson, WC, 2 ½ – ½
Randy Hadfield, A, tied Jeff Sidwell, WC, 1 ½ – ½
4-Ball- Willow Creek def. Alpine, 3-0)
(Willow Creek, 5-4)
Dave Dorton, A, def. Jeff Chatelain, WC, 2-1
Steve Sundloff, WC, def. Larry Terry, Jr., 2 ½-½
4-Ball- Tied, 1 ½- ½
(Willow Creek, 5-4)
Country Club Senior Division
Riverside 19, Willow Creek 17
Doug Marriott, RCC, def. Mike Weiler, WC, 2-1
Bill Pizza, WC, def. David Bradford, RCC, 3-0
Four-Ball- Willow Creek, 2-1
(Willow Creek, 6-3)
Scott Kirkland, RCC, def. Mark Cohen, WC, 2-1
Bruce Teran, WC, def. Brent Norton, RCC, 3-0
Four-Ball- Willow Creek, 2-1
(Willow Creek, 6-3)
Doug Horne, RCC, def. Leigh Wilkinson, WC, 3-0
Dave Mayberry, RCC, def. Richard Gibbons, 3-0
Four-Ball- Riverside, 3-0
(Riverside, 9-0)
John Archibald, RCC, def. Craig Crosland, WC, 2 ½- ½
Larry Burton, WC, def. Phill Marriott, RCC, 2 ½- ½
Four-Ball- Willow Creek, 2-1
(Willow Creek, 5-4)